ASDA Cakes Prices and Designs in 2023

Updated: August 20, 2023


Functioning as a subsidiary of Walmart, ASDA supermarkets maintain elevated operational standards. In the United Kingdom, ASDA stands out for its meticulous approach to running grocery outlets. A notable highlight is the bakery division, renowned for crafting delectable baked goods suitable for diverse occasions.

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, baby shower, wedding, or festive event, ASDA adeptly caters to your needs with its flavorful cakes. The convenience factor is amplified as these cakes are predominantly pre-made, expediting the purchasing process. This swift accessibility makes ASDA cakes a pragmatic choice. The pricing spectrum accommodates various budgets, ranging from a few pounds to £35, ensuring affordability and choice for customers.

In essence, ASDA, though a Walmart subsidiary, upholds its own exacting standards, with the bakery section particularly celebrated for producing delightful, occasion-suited baked goods. The store’s provision of ready-made cakes, suitable for an array of festivities, ensures a convenient and diverse selection at price points that cater to different financial preferences.

ASDA Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
1/2 Sheet Cake£20.00
1/4 Sheet Cake£15.00
Round Cakes
8″ Single Layer£8.00
8″ Double Layer£12.00
Cupcake Cakes
12 Count£5.00
Cake TypePrice
ASDA Round Cakes
Plain Round Cake£8.00
Specialty Iced Round Cake£11.00
Two-Tiered Round Cake£12.00
Three-Tiered Round Cake£35.00
ASDA Loaf Cakes
Sponge Cake£1.50
Swiss Roll Cake£1.00
Madeira Cake£1.50
ASDA Tray Bake Cakes
Chocolate Traybake£5.00
Vanilla Traybake£5.00
Character Traybake£7.50
ASDA Character Cakes
Generic Character Cake£5.00-£10.00
Licensed Character Cake£5.00-£20.00

ASDA Cakes Models

The majority of ASDA cake designs arrive fully assembled, offering limited room for personalization. Nonetheless, the assortment remains diverse enough to address a spectrum of preferences. These selections are predominantly categorized as round cakes, while loaf cakes are apt for intimate gatherings. Additionally, character-shaped options are available, and tray-baked flat cakes accommodate larger guest lists. Exploring the comprehensive array of ASDA cake models is facilitated by the user-friendly cake category on their official website.

ASDA Birthday Cakes

Birthdays hold profound significance for both children and adults, creating anticipation for the one annual day when they receive special recognition from family, friends, and colleagues. Elevating the celebration further, individuals often choose to host parties, enhancing the festivity for themselves or their dear ones. Introducing an extra layer of delight to birthdays, ASDA cakes emerge as the perfect complement to these occasions, boasting an extensive array of designs.

This diversity ensures the discovery of an ideal cake, even catering to the preferences of the most discerning celebrants. Beyond conventional birthday cakes, ASDA offers an array of options, encompassing cakes adorned with beloved characters from movies and television, as well as petite “smash” cakes tailor-made for first birthday revelries. Particularly, youngsters revel in cakes adorned with decorations of their treasured cartoon figures, adding a personalized touch to their special day.

ASDA Baby Shower Cakes

Anticipating the arrival of a new baby is a blend of excitement and trepidation, encapsulating a pivotal phase in a parent’s journey. Irrespective of the number of children within a family, the imminent advent of a new member ushers in a flurry of preparations, as individuals brace themselves for the transformative experience that parenting entails. A potent method to alleviate the stress associated with this forthcoming transition and bask in the elation is to organize a baby shower. This heartwarming occasion not only furnishes the family with essential items for the impending arrival but also grants them a platform to share their happiness with close companions.

ASDA cakes emerge as a delightful choice for replenishment during this joyous event. Beyond their popularity for offering a range of classic flavors, these cakes align with budget considerations, thus facilitating the provision of sustenance to guests without straining financial resources. The availability of reasonably priced baby shower cakes not only eases the hosting process but also ensures that attendees are nourished while relishing the occasion. Consequently, ASDA cakes serve as an apt culinary companion for your upcoming baby shower, harmoniously blending convenience, flavor diversity, and affordability.

ASDA Graduation Cakes

Every year, a multitude of students mark the beginning of summer by donning their graduation caps, eager to celebrate the fruits of their hard work. For those near and dear who have recently achieved this milestone, expressing pride in their accomplishment is paramount. One way to do so is by orchestrating a graduation party or dinner in their honor, gathering close friends, family, and community members who played a part in their journey. Once the guest list is established, the next step is to secure ASDA cakes for the occasion.

ASDA’s graduation cakes not only offer a delectable treat but also come at a budget-friendly cost. Moreover, the cakes can be customized to reflect the colors of the graduate’s alma mater, adding a personal touch to the celebration. With the cake in place, it’s time to toss that graduation cap, rejoicing in the achievement while savoring a sweet delight. By incorporating an ASDA cake into the festivities, the event becomes an even more memorable and tasteful tribute to the graduate’s dedication and success.

ASDA Wedding Cakes

Regrettably, ASDA presently does not provide wedding cakes as part of its offerings. However, we encourage you to reach out to your nearby store to inquire if any exceptions can be made. We remain committed to promptly updating this website with ASDA wedding cake pricing details once these become available. In the interim, we invite you to explore the assortment of wedding cakes provided by Walmart and H-E-B, which may offer suitable alternatives for your wedding cake requirements.

How to Order?

Ordering an ASDA cake is a seamless process, with three convenient options available. The primary method involves reaching out to your nearby ASDA store via phone, engaging in a discussion with the knowledgeable bakery staff to communicate your requirements effectively. Alternatively, during your routine shopping at ASDA, you can personally visit the bakery department, where the staff can showcase various design options to aid your decision-making.

For those inclined towards digital convenience, ASDA’s official website offers the opportunity to place cake orders online. This modern approach streamlines the ordering procedure and grants you the flexibility to do so from the comfort of your own space.

Regardless of the chosen method, it’s advisable to provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice ahead of your event. This precaution ensures that your chosen cake is prepared and ready in due time, eliminating any last-minute worries. By embracing these accessible ordering avenues and adhering to the advance notice guideline, ASDA ensures your cake-related expectations are met seamlessly, contributing to the success of your forthcoming occasion.

What occasions do ASDA cakes cater to?

ASDA’s cakes are versatile, ideal for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, weddings, and holidays.

How convenient are ASDA cakes for busy customers?

ASDA’s ready-made cakes offer convenience, allowing quick purchases without compromising on taste or quality.

What’s the price range of ASDA cakes?

ASDA caters to different budgets, offering cakes starting from just a few pounds and going up to £35.

Are there customization options for ASDA cakes?

While specifics might vary, ASDA typically offers a range of designs and flavors to choose from, allowing some level of customization.

Can I rely on ASDA for last-minute cake needs?

Absolutely, ASDA’s pre-made cakes are readily available, making them a dependable choice for spontaneous celebrations.

Are there specialty cake options available?

ASDA might have premium or specialty cake options in 2023, catering to those seeking unique designs or premium ingredients.

How can I place an order for an ASDA cake?

In most cases, you can simply visit your local ASDA supermarket and choose from the available cake designs.


ASDA supermarkets, operating under Walmart’s umbrella, stand out for their commitment to superior standards, especially evident in their bakery section renowned for crafting delightful baked goods. These cakes cater to a range of occasions, from birthdays to weddings, and are conveniently available at varying price points, accommodating different budgets.

Ordering an ASDA cake is a straightforward process offered through three channels: contacting your local store via phone, personally visiting the bakery department during your shopping, or utilizing their user-friendly website for online orders. Regardless of the method chosen, ensuring a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is essential to guarantee your cake’s timely readiness for your event.

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