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Updated: September 17, 2023


BJ’s cakes present an economical choice for those seeking exceptional, pre-designed or personalized desserts for their memorable occasions. Starting at just $15.99, you can acquire a 10-inch round cake from BJ’s.

The array of available fillings and complete customization options allow you to tailor your cake to perfection. Whether you’re in need of a photo cake, themed creation, two-tiered masterpiece, or embellishment kit, BJ’s bakery has it all.

Explore further to discover the pricing and designs of BJ’s cakes, and learn how to craft the ideal confection for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, weddings, and any other special moments in your life. When it comes to choosing a brand for your next cake, make BJ’s Bakery your first and foremost consideration.

BJs Bakery Specifications

Number of Locations: 216 (as of 2018)

Bakery Type: Wholesale

Open to General Public: No

Notice For Special Personalized Items: 2 days

Offering a delectable array of cakes, bagels, pastries, pies, and various other baked delights, BJ’s operates 216 wholesale bakery outlets as of 2018. These exclusive establishments are nestled within expansive wholesale clubs, accessible solely to club members.

Within these dedicated bakery spaces, skilled professionals, including expert cake decorators, are on hand to craft personalized confections to your exact specifications. Your order is assuredly in capable hands; entrust it to these seasoned artisans and be prepared to be delighted by the outcome.

For unique creations like wedding cakes, it’s advisable to provide the bakery department with a minimum of two days’ notice. This allows ample time for the skilled bakers to bring your vision to life.

When placing an order, you have the freedom to customize quantities, styles, flavors, and any other desired features, with the helpful guidance of BJ’s bakery team. Depending on the scale of your order, a deposit may be requested at the time of placement.

Distinctly housed within the larger wholesale establishment, BJ’s bakeries boast a unique trade dress that sets them apart from other sections of the club. Baked goods are artfully displayed behind counters, with some items available for self-service, while others may necessitate the assistance of a bakery staff member.

BJs Cakes Prices

BJ’s Round Cake Collection
10″ Round Cake (Serves 20 to 30)$14.9
2-Tiered Gold Cake (Severs 38 to 45)$29.9
BJ’s Sheet Cake Collection
¼ Gold Sheet Cake (Serves 12 to 16)$16.9
½ Gold Sheet Cake (Serves 20 to 30)$23.9
¼ Marble Sheet Cake (Serves 12 – 16)$16.9
½ Sheet Cake (can hold 20 – 30 guests) — Marble Cake$23.9
Full Half-and-Half Sheet Cake (Serves 60 to 75)$39.9
Full Sheet Cake (enough for 60 – 75) — ½ Gold Cake & ½ Chocolate Cake$39.9

BJ’s Cake Models

At BJ’s, the cake selection process is a delightful experience. A diverse range of licensed cake designs caters to various occasions, especially birthdays and other significant celebrations. As you peruse their extensive catalog, the decision ultimately lies in your hands. Each design is accompanied by corresponding images, providing you with a vivid preview of your chosen cake.

This visual representation ensures that you select a design that resonates with you, adding a personal touch to your celebration. The process empowers you to not only choose a design but also to form a genuine connection with it, enhancing the joy of your special day. With BJ’s, your cake becomes a reflection of your unique taste and the significance of the occasion, creating a memorable experience for both you and your guests. Celebrate with confidence, knowing that the cake you’ve chosen embodies the spirit of the moment.

BJs Baby Shower Cake

Welcoming a newborn is an occasion brimming with excitement, and a lively baby shower sets the perfect tone for the celebration. A cake from BJ’s is an ideal way to mark this special event. Their customization options allow you to tailor the cake to suit the theme of the occasion, whether it’s centered around a baby girl or boy. Your creativity sets the boundaries.

For a baby girl, opt for charming pink accents in both the writings and trims. Consider adding phrases like “it’s a girl” to further personalize the cake. Similarly, for a baby boy, you can adapt the design with a different color scheme.

Remarkably, these delightful custom cakes come at an affordable price point, starting at just $39.99. Ordering is made convenient through BJ’s online platform, ensuring a seamless experience. BJ’s bakery offers a hassle-free solution for your cake needs. Don’t hesitate, place your order now and make your baby shower truly memorable!

BJs Wedding Cake

A wedding marks a significant milestone, and extravagant spending on a cake isn’t a necessity when you have the option of customizable creations from BJ’s cakes.

With the ability to convey your distinct vision for the cake, you can ensure that your wedding theme is beautifully represented. BJ’s provides a variety of options for two-tiered cakes, making them an excellent choice for weddings. Pricing is contingent on your specific choices, but before making a decision, you can peruse their extensive selection of wedding cake options.

BJ’s presents an excellent value for couples seeking both quality and affordability for their special day. By opting for a customizable cake, you can have a unique and memorable centerpiece that perfectly complements the theme and ambiance of your wedding celebration.

BJs Birthday Cake

Whether it’s an adult or a child’s birthday, BJ’s collection of cakes is tailored to suit the occasion perfectly. Every aspect of the cake can be customized, including the addition of special characters that capture the essence of the birthday theme.

For a child’s special day, you have the option of incorporating their own ideas, especially fitting for a memorable 1st birthday celebration. However, it’s essential to ensure that your desired design falls within their available options, as availability may vary.

Adults often prefer a more subdued theme, but for those who prefer something different, round cakes with personalized fillings are a great choice. If you’re expecting a large number of guests, opting for a bigger version is advisable.

In terms of pricing, birthday sheet cakes typically range from approximately $23.99 to $39.99, while round cakes are priced between $15.99 and $16.99. BJ’s offers a range of budget-friendly cakes with a wide array of designs to choose from, ensuring you can have the perfect cake for your celebration.

BJs Graduation Cake

At BJ’s, you have the opportunity to create a bespoke graduation cake tailored to your preferred colors. Harmonizing the frostings with the graduate’s school colors adds a personal touch to the celebration.

To craft the perfect design, start by selecting a flavor you know the graduate will adore, then complement it with a matching icing. Adding a thoughtful congratulatory message further enhances the cake’s significance.

For this special occasion, consider opting for a ¼ sheet cake, designed to serve between twelve to sixteen guests, at a reasonable price of $16.99. The range of customizations available is extensive, from incorporating images to featuring a graduation cap and more. With BJ’s, you can achieve a unique and personalized cake that fits your budget without compromising on quality or taste. Celebrate the graduate’s achievements in style with a custom cake that truly stands out.

BJs Bakery Pros and Cons


Impressive Variety
Budget-Friendly Rates
In-House Decorator

One of the standout features of procuring cakes from BJ’s bakery is the availability of an on-site decorator. While many cakes come pre-decorated, they await that personal touch.

In most locations, a decorator can infuse your cake with a unique flair as you shop, a convenience particularly appreciated by those leading busy lives without the luxury of time to engage a private decorator.

Furthermore, BJ’s offers an extensive array of bakery items, leaving you spoiled for choice! Their selection goes well beyond just cakes.

Moreover, BJ’s provides a one-stop shopping experience, allowing you to collect your baked goods alongside your essential household items in a single visit.

Lastly, BJ’s presents remarkably competitive prices across their bakery offerings. Although there’s an initial membership fee, once enrolled, you can anticipate savings ranging from 20 to 50 percent on all your bakery purchases.


Moderate Quality
Limited Availability
Membership Obligation

For those not inclined towards wholesale clubs, BJ’s membership requirement may not be appealing. Simply walking into a BJ’s store and purchasing a cake is contingent on acquiring an initial membership.

However, there is an option for a one-day membership, allowing you to sample the cakes before committing to a full BJ’s membership.

While the majority of baked goods at BJ’s are flavorful, the visual presentation may not always match. Numerous online reviewers have expressed disappointment with the in-store decorating quality of the goods.

Critics often label the decorations as amateurish. If you seek something exceptionally special and intricate, it might be advisable to explore other options, as BJ’s offerings may not meet your expectations.

How to Order BJs Cakes

For timely delivery of BJ’s cakes when placing an online order, it’s crucial to plan ahead, allowing for a 36-hour preparation period. If you require expedited delivery within 24 hours, it’s imperative to reach out to the management team promptly.

For a more convenient experience, visit their website and utilize the online decorating form, granting you the flexibility to customize your specifications.

To find the nearest BJ’s bakery, utilize their location service tool, which will provide information on various locations. On the contacts page, you’ll find phone numbers and an email address for easy communication. Don’t hesitate to call or message to place your order now.

What is the starting price for a BJ’s cake?

The prices for BJ’s cakes typically begin at around $15.99 for a 10-inch round cake.

Are there additional costs for customizing a cake?

Yes, additional costs may apply for customizations such as specific designs, fillings, or other personalized elements. These costs can vary depending on the complexity of the customization.

What factors influence the final price of a BJ’s cake?

The final price of a BJ’s cake is determined by factors like size, design intricacy, type of filling, and any extra customizations requested.

Do BJ’s offer any special discounts or promotions on their cakes?

BJ’s may occasionally run promotions or offer discounts on their cakes. It’s advisable to check their website or contact your local BJ’s store for any ongoing offers.

Can I get a price quote for a customized cake before placing an order?

Yes, you can request a price quote for a customized cake from BJ’s bakery. They will provide you with an estimate based on your specific requirements.

Are there different price ranges for various types of cakes, like photo cakes or two-tiered cakes?

Yes, the price of a cake may vary depending on its type. For instance, photo cakes, two-tiered cakes, and specialty designs may have different pricing structures.

Is there a price difference between round and sheet cakes?

Yes, there may be a price difference between round and sheet cakes, as well as other shapes or sizes. The cost will be based on the specific dimensions and design.

Can I find BJ’s cake prices online?

BJ’s may provide general pricing information on their official website, but for precise and up-to-date pricing, it’s recommended to visit or contact your nearest BJ’s location.


BJ’s offers a diverse range of cakes that cater to various tastes and occasions. With prices starting at $15.99 for a 10-inch round cake, they provide an affordable option for those seeking high-quality, ready-to-order or customizable desserts. The ability to personalize every aspect of the cake, from fillings to designs, ensures that customers can create a confection tailored to their specific preferences.

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, baby shower, wedding, or any other special event, BJ’s Bakery has a cake to suit. While prices may vary based on factors like size and customization, requesting a quote beforehand allows for clear cost expectations. Keep in mind that promotions and discounts may also be available. For the best cake selection, BJ’s Bakery stands as a prime choice. Explore their offerings and make your next celebration truly memorable.

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