Cakes and Bakes Bakery Price List 2024

Updated: October 30, 2023


Cakes and Bakes embarked on its journey with a singular mission: to deliver the finest in baked goods. This distinguished bakery, known as Cakes & Bakes, takes pride in offering a premium selection of bakery products that adhere to both local and international standards of quality and safety. With a reputation built on delectable flavors, captivating creations, budget-friendly pricing, and impeccable customer service, Cakes and Bakes has become a household name.

Throughout the years, the bakery’s assortment of signature cakes, mithai, and other delectable treats have woven themselves into the fabric of people’s affections, earning an irreplaceable spot in their hearts. Recently introduced delights like fresh pizzas, indulgent sundaes, tempting cupcakes, and refreshing slushes have quickly become irresistible favorites. The blend of quality, taste, and affordability offered by Cakes & Bakes has solidified its status as a go-to destination for those seeking exceptional bakery experiences. From the first bite to the last crumb, Cakes & Bakes is a testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into crafting the perfect treat.

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Get More About the Best Bakery Products

Cakes and Bakes stand at the forefront of innovation, offering a diverse array of products tailored to cater to every household and family. From wholesome breakfast options to delightful mid-morning snacks, and even convenient frozen ready-to-eat meals, dairy essentials, decadent cakes, desserts, and a delightful assortment of munching delights – Cakes and Bakes is a one-stop destination for all your culinary cravings.

Renowned for crafting exquisite cakes, including bespoke birthday creations and special occasion masterpieces, Cakes and Bakes guarantees an unparalleled experience. The exceptional quality, taste, artistic decorations, meticulous packaging, prompt delivery, and other meticulous details ensure that every order exceeds expectations.

Cakes And Bakes Bakery Price List

Cakes and Bakes presents a price list that strikes a perfect balance, aligning seamlessly with the delectable range of bakery delights on offer. It’s a rarity to find cakes as mouthwateringly delicious as these, all at such affordable rates. The exceptional taste is truly unparalleled and sets Cakes and Bakes apart from any other option out there.

Signature Cakes With Unique Taste

Nutella Cake 2lbs2200
Death by Chocolate cake1900
Milk Chocolate Cake 2lbs2200
Lotus Cake 2lbs2200
Red Velvet Cake 2lbs1900
Kit Kat Cake 2lbs1900
Opera Cake 2lbs2200
Choco Caramel Cake 2lbs1900
Chocolate Zig Zag Cake 2lbs1900
Mini Chocolate Cake2200
Nutella Cake2200
Batman Logo Cake6500-15600
Toffee Glaze Donut100
Dore Mon Cake7800-15600

Cup Cakes Filled With Cream

Chocolate fudge Cup Cakes 1pc250
Nutella Cup Cake 1pc250
Butter Scotch Cup Cake 1pc250
Milk Cup Cake 1pc250

Cakes And Bakes: Sundae

Nutella Sundae 1pc250
Lotus Sundae 1pc250
Blueberry sundae 1pc250
Praline crunch Sundae 1pc250

Cakes And Bakes: Pastries

Lotus Pastry250
Chocolate Mousse Pastry160
Pineapple Pastry100
Double Chocolate Fudge Pastry200
Milky Fudge Pastry250
Black Forest Pastry100
Lemon Cream Puff100
Fancy Pastry100
Mikado Pastry – Chocolate Mousse200
Caramel Mousse pastry200
Chocolate Cream Puff100

Delicious Mithai

Anjeer Halwa750-1500
Soan Papdi 400g450
Sohan Halwa 0.5kg, 1kg750-1450
Moti Choor Laddu500-1000
Milky Laddu550-1100
Akhrot Halwa750-1500
Almond Pateesa550-1100
White Chum Chum550-1100
Small Chum Chum550-1100
Apple Chum Chum550-1100
Mix Sweets1-1000
Baisan Pateesa550-1100
Plain Barfi550-1100
Kaju Halwa1500
Coconut Chum Chum550-1100
Hasbi Halwa550-1100
Maven Chocolate1850
Milk Chocolate1500
Habshi Halwa550 – 1100
Balushahi550 – 1100
Tosha Jaman550 – 1100
Baklava1100 – 1900
Qalaqand550 – 1100
Dall Halwa650 – 1300
Petha Halwa650 – 1300

Cakes And Bakes Bakery Location In Lahore

Cakes and Bakes boasts an extensive presence throughout Lahore, with approximately 50 branches scattered across the city. As one of the premier bakeries in Lahore, it garners a steady stream of regular patrons. Below are some of the key Cakes and Bakes locations in Lahore, complete with their respective addresses and coordinates:

Abdali ChowkShop # 01, Plot # 144. Haider Road, Islampura, Lahore
Bahria Town ABedian Road Near Bahria Town
Bedian RoadBedian Road Near Bhatta Chowk
Cavalry GroundPlot No 68 Commercial Area Cavalry Ground
College RoadPlot No. 314 Block No. 2 Sector C1, College Road Township Lahore
DHA-FF BlockPlot No, 199 FF Dha Phase 4 Lahore
Faisal Town49 C-1, Faisal Town, Lahore
IchraIchra Main Feroz Pur Road Lhr
Iqbal Town – Hunza9-Hunza Bloch, Iqbal Town, Lahore
Izmir TownPlot No 39-A Izmeer Town Lahore
Johar Town G-123-G-1 Ma Johar Town, Lahore
Lahore Hotel, Mcleod RoadG/Floor, Usman Centre, Mecload Road Lahore
Liaqat Chowk SabzazarPlot No 02 Block C Sabzazar Scheme Lahore
Lytton RoadShop # 86/87, Lytton Road, Lahore
MansooraShop # 17, Market Majlis Aiye Islam, Mansoorah, Lahore
Model TownShop # 2, Bank Square Model Town Lahore
Moon Market13-F Gulshan Ravi, Lahore
How are the prices determined at Cakes and Bakes Bakery?

At Cakes and Bakes Bakery, prices are set based on a variety of factors including ingredient costs, production expenses, and market rates. We strive to offer competitive and fair pricing for our customers.

Do the prices vary for different products?

Yes, the prices may vary depending on the type and size of the product. Cakes, pastries, cookies, and other items each have their own unique pricing structure.

Are there special pricing options for bulk orders or events?

Yes, we do offer special pricing for large or bulk orders as well as for events such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate functions. Please contact us directly for a customized quote.

Are there any seasonal or promotional discounts available?

Yes, we occasionally run special promotions and discounts, especially during festive seasons or for specific events. Keep an eye on our website or social media channels for updates on any ongoing offers.

Do you offer any loyalty programs for regular customers?

Yes, we value our loyal customers and may have a loyalty program in place. Details about our loyalty program can be found on our website or by inquiring with our staff.

Is there a price list available online?

Yes, you can find a detailed price list on our official website. However, please note that prices may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check for the most up-to-date information.

What payment methods are accepted for purchases?

We accept various payment methods including cash, credit/debit cards, and digital payment options. Please check with our staff for specific details.

Do you offer any special deals for special occasions or holidays?

Yes, we often have special deals and offerings for holidays and special occasions. These may include seasonal treats and discounted packages. Stay tuned to our announcements for details!


Cakes and Bakes Bakery is committed to providing high-quality baked goods at competitive prices. Our dedication to using premium ingredients and maintaining rigorous quality standards ensures that every product meets and exceeds customer expectations. Whether you’re looking for a special treat for yourself or planning an event, our flexible pricing options, including special rates for bulk orders and events, cater to a wide range of needs.

We understand the importance of offering seasonal discounts and promotions, as well as recognizing and rewarding our loyal customers through our loyalty program. Our transparent pricing structure, available on our website, ensures that you have access to the most up-to-date information.

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