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Updated: November 10, 2023


Caramia Cake, an exquisite confectionery experience, tantalizes taste buds with its divine creations and meticulous craftsmanship. Renowned for transforming simple moments into unforgettable celebrations, Caramia Cake embodies the artistry of baking at its finest. Each cake is a masterpiece, blending premium ingredients and innovative flavors to deliver an indulgent symphony of taste and texture.

From classic favorites to avant-garde creations, Caramia Cake caters to diverse palates, ensuring a slice of joy for every dessert enthusiast. The dedication to quality is evident in every layer, creating a harmonious balance of flavors that leave a lasting impression. With a commitment to culinary excellence, Caramia Cake invites you to savor the sweet side of life.

Priced for its premium quality and artistic presentation, Caramia Cake stands as a symbol of sophistication and taste, making it the perfect centerpiece for special occasions or simply to elevate everyday moments into extraordinary ones. Discover the essence of indulgence with Caramia Cake a blend of passion, flavor, and elegance that transcends the ordinary.

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Caramia Cakes Prices

“Caramia,” derived from the Italian term meaning “my dear,” found its roots in Makati through Fr. Gianluigi Colombo. Initially introduced in a cafeteria-style restaurant, gelato became a highlight of the menu featuring authentic Italian cuisine in the Philippines.

The inaugural Caramia Cake & Gelato establishment emerged on a grand scale in Greenhills in 2009, swiftly gaining popularity and expanding its gelato offerings to encompass a myriad of delectable flavors. Complemented by toppings like wafers and nuts, these gelatos are ideal for special occasions, drawing eager enthusiasts.

Presenting the current prices of Caramia Special Cakes, the brand continues to embody its commitment to exquisite taste and quality, inviting patrons to indulge in the rich and diverse world of Italian-inspired desserts.

CaramiaPistachio CioccolatoMiniSlice
Ube Cake₱925₱670₱155
Midnight Dream₱950₱670₱155
Pistaccio Cioccolato₱1,020₱735₱165
Sea Salt Honey Crunch₱785N/A₱140
Mango Magnifico₱925N/A₱155
Chocolate S’mores₱935N/A₱155
Coffee Honeycomb₱815N/A₱145
Creme Brulee₱975N/A₱155
Strawberry Shortcake₱1,250N/A₱170

Caramia Premium Gelato Prices

Gelato MenuTubPint
Blueberry Cheesecake₱735₱380
Strawberry Supreme₱735₱380
Chocolate Therapy₱735₱380
Cookies & Cream₱735₱380
Coffee Mudslide₱735₱380
Mango Cream Pie₱735₱380
Turtle Pie₱735₱380

Best Seller of Caramia Cakes

Caramia cakes and gelato have become synonymous with culinary delight in the Philippines, captivating the taste buds of Filipino food enthusiasts who relish their dining experiences. Among the highly sought-after selections, the Caramia Pistachio menu stands out, celebrated for its diverse array of flavors and the delightful inclusion of nuts, creating a truly delicious treat.

Another crowd-pleaser is the Ube cake, a menu staple available across all Caramia and Gelato Cake branches. Renowned for its exquisite taste reminiscent of vanilla, the Ube cake has become a beloved choice among patrons.

For those with a penchant for decadent desserts, Caramia offers a delectable range of cake flavors, including Turtle Pie, Cookies and Cream, and Chocolate Therapy. The menu extends beyond desserts to encompass savory options like pizza and pasta, accompanied by the delightful twist of Coffee Honeycomb.

Specialty Cakes for Every Occasion

Celebrate life’s special moments with Caramia’s exquisite specialty cakes, meticulously crafted to add a touch of sweetness to every occasion. Whether you’re marking a birthday, anniversary, or any milestone, our collection of specialty cakes is designed to make your celebrations unforgettable.

Choose from a diverse range of flavors and designs, each cake a masterpiece of flavor and artistry. Our expert bakers pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every slice is a symphony of taste and texture. From classic elegance to trendy and unique designs, our specialty cakes cater to every taste and preference.

Elevate your special moments with the perfect blend of quality ingredients and culinary expertise. At Caramia, we understand the importance of creating lasting memories, and our specialty cakes are crafted to do just that. Make every occasion a delectable experience with our thoughtfully curated selection of specialty cakes.

Caramia Cakes Delivery at Home

Caramia Cakes provides convenient online delivery services. Simply dial the toll-free hotline number 8822-1111 to place your order for Caramia cakes online. Enjoy the ease of having your favorite treats delivered right to your doorstep, eliminating the need to visit the store in person.

How are Caramia Cake prices determined?

Caramia Cake prices are determined based on the complexity of the cake design, the choice of premium ingredients, and the size of the cake. Each cake is a unique creation, and pricing reflects the craftsmanship and quality involved.

What is the average price range for Caramia Cakes?

Caramia Cake prices vary depending on the specific cake ordered. On average, prices range from $30 to $100 or more, with larger or more intricate designs commanding higher prices.

Do Caramia Cakes offer customization, and does it affect the price?

Yes, Caramia Cakes offers customization to meet individual preferences. The level of customization, such as specific flavors, fillings, or intricate designs, can impact the final price.

Is delivery included in the cake price, or is it an additional cost?

Delivery is often an additional cost. The price may vary depending on the distance and location. Customers can inquire about delivery fees when placing their order.

Do Caramia Cakes have a price variation for different occasions, such as weddings or birthdays?

Yes, the occasion can influence pricing. Wedding cakes or cakes for special events may involve additional design elements or tiers, impacting the overall cost compared to a standard celebration cake.

Is there a price difference for standard flavors compared to premium or exotic flavors?

Yes, the choice of flavors can affect the price. Premium or exotic flavors may have higher ingredient costs, contributing to a slight increase in the overall price of the cake.

Can I get a price quote for a specific cake design before placing an order?

Caramia Cake encourages customers to inquire about specific cake designs and get personalized price quote based on their preferences. Contacting the bakery directly will provide accurate and detailed pricing information for your desired cake.


Caramia Cake offers a delectable journey into the world of premium confections, where each cake is a unique masterpiece crafted with precision and passion. The pricing reflects the commitment to quality, incorporating factors such as design intricacy, premium ingredients, and customization options. With an average price range of $30 to $100 or more, Caramia Cakes cater to various budgets and occasions.

The flexibility to customize flavors and designs, coupled with options for special dietary needs, ensures a personalized and delightful experience for every customer. While additional charges may apply for certain customizations or delivery services, the attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction make the investment worthwhile.

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