Carvel Cakes Prices, Designs, and Ordering Process

Updated: July 19, 2023


Carvel is renowned for its delectable ice cream offerings, but their creativity extends beyond frozen treats. Among their delightful products are the scrumptious ice cream cakes, artfully crafted with a blend of frosting, ice cream, cookies, and candies. These cakes stand as a canvas for personalization, making them the perfect centerpiece for various celebrations such as birthdays, baby showers, and other special occasions. The best part is that they come at an affordable price, with options starting as low as $13 for smaller cakes, and even larger ones designed to cater to up to 40 guests.

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Carvel’s cake pricing system, unraveling the choices available to meet your budgetary needs while harmonizing with your party decor. Whether you’re aiming for an intimate gathering or a grand festivity, Carvel has you covered with their diverse selection of cake sizes and flavors. So, if you’re in search of a treat that combines the indulgence of ice cream with the splendor of a cake, read on to discover the perfect Carvel creation that will leave your taste buds rejoicing and your guests in awe.

Cake TypePrice
Carvel Sheet Cakes
Small Sheet Cake (Serves 16)$29.99
Medium Sheet Cake (Serves 24)$36.99
Large Sheet Cake (Serves 40)$52.99
Carvel Round Cakes
8 Inch Round Cake (Serves 12)$19.99
10 Inch Round Cake (Serves 16)$26.99
Carvel Square Cakes
Small Square Cake (Serves 6)$12.99
Medium Square Cake (Serves 9)$22.99
Sheet Cakes
Full Sheet $54.99
1/2 Sheet$39.99
1/4 Sheet$29.99
1/8 Sheet$19.99
Round Cakes
8″ Double Layer$23.99
10″ Double Layer$31.99

Carvel Cake Models

Carvel offers a delightful array of cake options, providing customers with the flexibility to choose from premade designs or create their own custom cakes. The basic Carvel cakes are thoughtfully crafted, featuring three different sizes, each comprising layers of vanilla ice cream, chocolate crunchies, and luscious chocolate ice cream, all crowned with delectable frosting.

For those seeking an extra touch of personalization, there’s the enticing option to select custom flavors, available for a nominal additional fee of $4. Moreover, customers have the freedom to add a heartfelt message and choose their preferred frosting colors at no extra cost. For an artistic flair, Carvel even offers the option to have the cake adorned with an edible printed image for a modest fee of $10.

Should you desire further adornment, candy decorations can be incorporated into the design for a small supplementary charge. At Carvel, creativity knows no bounds, and customers are encouraged to express their unique vision for the cake, as they can discuss and negotiate with the Carvel team to bring their imaginative designs to life. So, whether you prefer one of the delightful premade options or dream of a fully customized masterpiece, Carvel ensures your cake becomes an extraordinary centerpiece for any occasion.

Carvel Baby Shower Cake

Hosting a baby shower with a delightful Carvel ice cream cake is a surefire way to pleasantly surprise and impress the guest of honor. Carvel offers a wide range of cake sizes, ranging from 8-inch rounds, perfect for intimate gatherings, to full sheet cakes capable of satisfying up to 40 guests. What’s more, you have the liberty to select the guest of honor’s favorite ice cream flavor, ensuring a truly personalized experience.

To add an extra touch of charm and thoughtfulness, the cake can be adorned with colored frosting that beautifully matches the gender of the baby, creating a captivating visual display. Furthermore, Carvel provides the option to customize the cake with a heartfelt message dedicated to the mother-to-be, making the celebration even more meaningful.

For a lasting memento, non-edible cake toppers are available, serving as a cherished reminder of the special day long after the last delightful bite. With Carvel’s delectable ice cream cakes, your baby shower will be an unforgettable occasion, filled with joy, love, and the delightful taste of their signature frozen treats.

Carvel Birthday Cake

Carvel cakes are undeniably a delightful dessert choice for any day of the week, but they truly shine as the perfect treat to elevate the joy at a birthday party. Why settle for the usual slice of cake and a separate scoop of ice cream when you can make your celebration stand out by combining these delectable treats in one extraordinary creation?

Carvel presents a delightful array of sculpted birthday cakes, crafted into charming shapes of animals, adding an element of whimsy and wonder to the festivities. Additionally, for those little ones enamored with Disney magic, Carvel offers enchanting ice cream cakes adorned with the birthday boy or girl’s favorite Disney character, making their special day all the more memorable.

Carvel Graduation Cakes

Among Carvel’s most beloved offerings, the deluxe specialty cake takes the spotlight as a favored choice for celebratory occasions such as graduation parties or dinners. Ideal for marking significant milestones, this full sheet cake grants you the liberty to curate a personalized dessert experience.

The delight begins with selecting your preferred specialty ice cream, including the option of low-fat ice cream for those seeking a lighter indulgence. Next, you have the freedom to choose the cake flavor that best tantalizes your taste buds, creating a harmonious fusion of delectable layers.

To add a touch of sentimentality, the cake can be adorned with a memorable message, allowing you to express your heartfelt congratulations to the graduate. For a truly personal touch, consider including a picture of the graduate, their name, or the year of their momentous achievement, making the cake a cherished tribute to their hard work and accomplishments.

Carvel Wedding Cake

Regrettably, at present, Carvel does not provide wedding cakes as part of their offerings. However, if you have your heart set on a Carvel wedding cake, we encourage you to reach out to your local Carvel store directly to inquire if they might be willing to make an exception for your special day.

Rest assured, should Carvel decide to include wedding cakes in their repertoire in the future, this website will be promptly updated with detailed information, including Carvel wedding cake prices and options.

In the meantime, if you are in search of alternative options, you may want to explore the selection of wedding cakes available at Walmart and H-E-B. Both establishments offer a variety of wedding cakes to suit your preferences and make your special day all the more memorable.

How to Order Carvel Cakes?

Ordering a Carvel cake is a breeze with the convenience of in-store and online options. Visiting a Carvel store in person presents a wonderful opportunity to discuss your cake preferences with the store employees. They will gladly showcase various decorating styles and collaborate with you to bring your cake vision to life. This personalized approach ensures you get the perfect cake for your occasion.

For added convenience, Carvel also offers the option to order cakes online and pick them up at your chosen store. Just remember to place online orders at least 24 hours in advance to allow ample preparation time. However, if you find yourself in need of a cake on short notice, certain stores may accommodate rush orders if you visit them directly.

In case you have any queries or need assistance, Carvel provides an online contact directory for easy communication. Don’t hesitate to reach out and clarify any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Question

How much do Carvel cakes cost?

Carvel cake prices vary depending on the size, type, and customization options. Generally, they start at around $13 for smaller options and can go higher for larger and more elaborate cakes.

What sizes do Carvel cakes come in?

Carvel cakes are available in a variety of sizes, from small rounds perfect for intimate gatherings to full sheet cakes that can serve a large number of guests.

Can I customize my Carvel cake?

Yes, Carvel offers customization options. You can choose from various specialty ice cream flavors, cake flavors, and even add personalized messages and images to make the cake unique.

Is low-fat ice cream available for Carvel cakes?

Yes, Carvel provides the option of low-fat ice cream for those looking for a lighter indulgence.

How can I order a Carvel cake?

Carvel cakes can be ordered in person at a Carvel store. Alternatively, you can place orders online and pick up the cake at your convenience. Online orders typically require a minimum of 24 hours in advance, but some stores may accommodate rush orders in person.

Are Carvel wedding cakes available?

At this time, Carvel does not offer wedding cakes. However, you may check with your local Carvel store to see if they can make an exception.

Yes, Carvel provides an online contact directory to help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding their cakes or services.

Where can I find alternative options for wedding cakes?

If you’re looking for wedding cake options, consider exploring selections available at Walmart and H-E-B, which offer a variety of choices to suit your preferences.


Carvel’s delectable ice cream cakes stand as a delightful treat for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a graduation party, or simply craving a special dessert, Carvel offers a diverse selection of cake sizes and flavors to satisfy every palate. With the option to customize your cake with personalized messages, images, and a wide array of ice cream and cake flavors, Carvel ensures that each cake becomes a unique masterpiece, tailored to your preferences and celebration.

While Carvel currently does not provide wedding cakes, their in-store and online ordering options make it convenient to acquire their delightful creations for various other events. Visiting a Carvel store allows you to work closely with store employees, exploring different decorating styles and bringing your cake ideas to life. Meanwhile, online ordering enables you to plan ahead and conveniently pick up your cake at a time that suits you.

As Carvel continues to delight ice cream enthusiasts with their scrumptious treats, it’s always worthwhile to stay updated on their offerings and promotions through their online contact directory. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply indulging in a delightful dessert, Carvel’s ice cream cakes are sure to leave you and your guests smiling, savoring every moment, and cherishing every sweet bite. So, why wait? Reach out to Carvel today and embark on a delightful cake journey that will create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

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