Charm City Cakes Prices in 2023

Updated: July 27, 2023


Charm City bakery has skyrocketed to fame, all thanks to the immense popularity of the Food Network’s hit show, “Ace of Cakes.” Under the masterful guidance of Chef Duff Goldman, this bakery has become the epitome of trendiness when it comes to ordering a cake. Renowned for their extravagant and artistic cake designs, Charm City cakes are a sight to behold, mesmerizing both taste buds and eyes alike. However, the excellence and artistry come at a price, making them a bit more luxurious on the wallet.

With its celebrity status further enhancing its allure, Charm City bakery has seen an upward trend in prices. The remarkable designs and unmatched creativity imbued in each cake contribute to their premium cost. Standard designs, starting around $65, offer a taste of the bakery’s magic without going too overboard, but for those seeking a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece, custom cakes can fetch hundreds of dollars. It’s a small investment to make for the unforgettable memories created by these edible works of art.

In this article, we delve deeper into the pricing and enchanting designs offered by Charm City. Discover how the bakery has managed to strike a balance between delivering scrumptious cakes while maintaining an element of affordability. Whether you’re planning a celebration or simply appreciate culinary artistry, keep reading to unravel the world of Charm City bakery and its delectable wonders.

Cake TypePrice
Charm City Round Cakes
6 Inch Round Cake$65.00
8 Inch Round Cake$90.00
Charm City Wedding Cakes
Classic Collection Wedding Cakes$6.50 per serving
Signature Collection Wedding Cakes$8.50 per serving
Premiere Wedding Collection$10.00 per serving
Charm City Custom Cakes
Custom Tiered Cake$300.00
Custom Sculpted Cake$500.00

Cake Models

Among Charm City’s wide array of cake offerings, their most popular and budget-friendly options are the delightful “Lil’ Cakes.” These charming treats, available in six and eight-inch round sizes, showcase standard yet captivating designs that cater to various party themes. With an ample selection to choose from, these Lil’ Cakes effortlessly complement any celebration. To add a personal touch, Charm City offers the option to have a special message delicately inscribed on the top of these cakes.

For couples embarking on their journey of matrimony, Charm City presents an enticing range of standard designs for wedding cakes, each priced between $6 and $10 per serving. These artistic creations blend elegance and taste, making them a favorite among soon-to-be-wed pairs. However, the bakery’s creativity knows no bounds, as they also specialize in crafting bespoke cakes to suit any event imaginable. Whether it’s a classic tiered design or an avant-garde sculpted masterpiece, Charm City’s custom cakes promise to surpass expectations.

With unparalleled expertise and a passion for pushing the boundaries of cake artistry, Charm City stands as a beacon of creativity in the baking world. Whether you seek an affordable yet delightful Lil’ Cake or desire a tailor-made showstopper for your special occasion, Charm City bakery is poised to turn your cake dreams into delectable reality.

Wedding Cake

At Charm City bakery, the wedding cake selection is a true showcase of artistry and versatility, evident in their captivating galleries of Los Angeles wedding cakes and Baltimore wedding cakes. One of the most appealing aspects of their offerings is their ability to cater to a wide range of budgets, ensuring that every couple finds a cake that fits their needs.

For those seeking more budget-friendly options, Charm City offers classic tiered designs adorned with simple yet elegant geometric stripes and the initials of the bride and groom. These cakes exude timeless charm and grace, making them an ideal choice for traditional celebrations.

For just a slight increase in cost per serving, guests can explore a plethora of enchanting designs. From the delicate beauty of lace patterns to the playful allure of ocean-themed creations and the delightful splendor of edible flower decorations, there is something to suit every taste. Those seeking modern trends will be pleased with the availability of trendy ombre color schemes, adding a touch of contemporary flair to the confection.

If the standard designs don’t quite match your vision, fret not, as Charm City excels in crafting custom cakes that bring your wildest cake dreams to life. Collaborating closely with you, the bakery ensures the cake aligns perfectly with your budget, guest count, and wedding style and colors. Their skilled bakers will gladly embrace your creativity, making sure your cake becomes a unique masterpiece for your special day.

Birthday Cakes

Charm City bakery truly embraces the art of celebrating birthdays with their extensive and diverse cake options, making it a breeze to discover the perfect cake for your special day. Among their delightful array of choices, the Lil’ Cakes birthday designs stand out with their charming and whimsical appeal. From cakes adorned with confetti and bows to those featuring beautiful watercolor designs and hearts, each cake exudes joy and merriment. Adding a personal touch, the bakery gladly includes the birthday person’s name, making the celebration even more meaningful.

For those seeking cakes that reflect specific hobbies or interests, Charm City offers an exciting range of designs such as football, beach, grilling, and gardening-themed cakes. These intricately crafted creations speak to the heart of the celebrant’s passions, making the birthday even more special.

However, if you have a unique and specific vision in mind, fear not, as Charm City bakery is eager to bring your ideas to life through custom birthday designs. Their creative talents have resulted in cakes resembling beloved television characters, cherished pets, favorite toys, and even internet memes, sparking immense delight, especially among the younger ones. The joy on the kids’ faces when they see their favorite concept turned into a delectable reality is simply priceless.

Graduation Cakes

When it comes to commemorating the milestone of graduation, Charm City bakery has the perfect cake in the form of a graduation hat. This celebratory delight can be further personalized by inscribing a heartfelt message dedicated to the graduate and selecting a tassel in the colors of their alma mater, adding a sentimental touch to the occasion. However, for those seeking something truly exceptional, Charm City offers the option to honor the guest of honor with an elegant custom cake, guaranteed to bring extra joy to their special day.

For graduates with a strong affinity for their university, cakes adorned with the school’s logo and colors serve as a fantastic choice to pay homage to their academic journey. Alternatively, for those who excelled in athletics during their time at school, a sports-themed cake captures their passion and accomplishments in a delectable manner.

Baby Shower Cakes

Celebrate the joy of a baby shower with the delightful cake designs from Charm City, each one capturing the essence of this special occasion. Among their many options, the “Oh Baby!” design stands out as a charming choice, allowing you to select colors that perfectly complement your baby shower theme. Adorned with adorable banners and a sweet little elephant, this cake is sure to add a touch of whimsy and cuteness to the celebration.

For those seeking simplicity and versatility, Charm City offers an array of cakes featuring charming geometric designs and cute animal themes in soft pastel colors. These designs effortlessly match most baby shower themes, creating a delightful centerpiece for the joyous gathering.

Moreover, the bakery’s custom cake services open up a world of creative possibilities for the baby shower. You can opt for a cake adorned with hand-painted nursery rhyme characters or even one shaped like a baby basket, evoking warmth and tenderness. The skilled artisans at Charm City can bring any imaginative design you can think of to life, making the cake an enchanting highlight of the celebration.

Though the baby may not yet be able to see or taste these delectable creations, the delight and enjoyment of the celebration’s attendees are guaranteed. From the visual appeal of the cakes to the mouthwatering flavors they offer, Charm City ensures that every guest partakes in a delightful experience.

How to Order?

Charm City offers a convenient and straightforward process for ordering their delightful cakes. If you’re looking to order a standard Lil’ Cake, you have two options: you can easily fill out the online ordering form, or if you prefer a more personal touch, you can visit one of their stores in Baltimore or Los Angeles in person.

For those planning their dream wedding, Charm City has an online wedding ordering form that allows you to initiate the cake ordering process. After completing the form, the store will reach out to you to finalize all the details and design for your special day.

When it comes to their extraordinary custom cakes, a bit more effort is involved, but it’s well worth it. To place an order for a custom creation, you’ll need to fill out the online inquiry form or schedule a consultation in-store. To ensure everything is perfect, it’s advisable to finalize your custom cake order at least two weeks in advance.

Charm City also offers the convenience of cake delivery for an additional fee of $55 per hour, making it easy to have your cake arrive at your desired location. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can always opt to pick up the cake yourself.

Frequently Asked Question

How has Charm City Cakes’ pricing evolved since the popularity surge in 2021?

Since the rise to fame through the Food Network show “Ace of Cakes,” Charm City Cakes’ prices have seen a slight increase due to the higher demand for their intricate designs and celebrity status. However, they still strive to offer a range of options to cater to various budgets.

What is the starting price for a standard cake at Charm City Cakes?

As of 2023, standard cakes at Charm City begin around $65. These cakes boast impressive designs and flavors while being relatively more affordable for customers.

How much do custom cakes cost at Charm City?

Custom cakes at Charm City are priced based on their complexity, size, and unique elements requested by the customer. Prices for custom cakes can vary widely, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for elaborate designs.

Are there any budget-friendly options available at Charm City Cakes?

Yes, Charm City Cakes understands the importance of catering to diverse clientele. Alongside their premium offerings, they continue to provide budget-friendly cake options, ensuring that everyone can experience their delectable creations.

Does Charm City Cakes offer any discounts or promotions?

Charm City occasionally offers special promotions or discounts during certain seasons or events. It’s worth checking their website or reaching out to inquire about any ongoing deals.

Can I request specific dietary requirements for my cake?

Absolutely! Charm City Cakes aims to accommodate various dietary needs. Customers can discuss their dietary preferences or restrictions with the bakery to explore available options.

How far in advance should I place an order for a custom cake?

To ensure that your vision comes to life flawlessly, it’s recommended to place a custom cake order well in advance. A lead time of at least two to three weeks is advisable, though it may vary depending on the complexity of the design.


As of 2023, Charm City Cakes continues to enchant customers with its extraordinary cake designs and delectable creations. Thanks to the immense popularity garnered from the Food Network show “Ace of Cakes,” the bakery remains a trendy and sought-after destination for cake enthusiasts.

While the bakery’s prices have experienced a slight increase due to its elevated status, they remain committed to offering a range of options to cater to different budgets. Starting at around $65, standard cakes provide a taste of Charm City’s artistry without breaking the bank. For those seeking an unforgettable masterpiece, custom cakes are available, with prices varying based on complexity and size.

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, Charm City Cakes continues to offer budget-friendly options and accommodates various dietary requirements to ensure that all customers can indulge in their delightful creations.

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