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Updated: August 24, 2023


Cold Stone Creamery stands out as an ice cream emporium renowned for its vast array of toppings and imaginative flavors. Beyond its signature ice cream servings, the establishment offers an assortment of pre-made ice cream cakes, each a representation of the classic Cold Stone taste. These cakes present themselves in a diverse selection of shapes and dimensions, encompassing a price spectrum spanning from $14.99 to $53.99. The cost of these confections is notably influenced by the chosen decorative approach.

The price differentials stem from the elaborate embellishments available, particularly suited for celebratory occasions. In the pursuit of providing heightened festivity, select stores provide intricate decorations for their cakes, amplifying their visual appeal but concurrently elevating their price point. Prospective customers are encouraged to explore further to gain insight into the specific expenditure entailed by distinct Cold Stone cake styles.

With a presence spanning more than 1,100 locations, Cold Stone Creamery stands tall as a widespread chain of ice cream restaurants. The cost structure of their offerings aligns closely with that of other ice cream establishments, with an approximate expenditure of around $5 for a diminutive cone or cup.

While the spotlight naturally falls on their delectable ice cream repertoire, Cold Stone Creamery expands its offerings to encompass an array of delectable warm desserts, cakes, shakes, and smoothies. However, the focus of our present discussion revolves around their specialized cakes tailored for momentous occasions.

Cold Stone Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
Full Sheet$54.99
1/2 Sheet$37.99
1/4 Sheet$26.99
Round Cakes
8″ Single Layer$21.99
8″ Double Layer$26.99
Cupcake Cakes
12 Count$26.99
24 Count$54.99

Cold Stone Baby Shower Cakes

Whetting the appetite of an anticipating mother can prove to be a challenge. Even during the concluding trimesters of pregnancy, certain women grapple with lingering morning sickness. Opting for confections from this particular Creamery emerges as a solution, ensuring that the focal point of the event relishes the delectable offerings presented at her baby shower.

The selection of Cold Stone bakery cakes encompasses an extensive array of flavors. Furthermore, the opportunity to curate a distinct flavor fusion tailored to the expectant mother’s preferred cake and ice cream choices is feasible. The customization extends to the adornment and messages atop the cake, encompassed within the ambit of the birthday cake pricing structure.

Cold Stone Birthday Cakes

The fusion of cake and ice cream evokes a sense of delight for children, synonymous with joyous birthday celebrations. Imagine the amalgamation of these two delights into a single, striking dessert.

For your upcoming birthday gathering, Cold Stone bakery cakes stand out as an ideal selection. Spanning a broad spectrum of flavors including cake batter confetti, midnight delight, and a plethora more, these birthday cakes offer a unifying treat that transcends age barriers, ensuring enjoyment for all attendees. Notably, the affordability of their birthday cake prices renders them an attractive choice, particularly for individuals organizing expansive birthday festivities.

Cold Stone Wedding Cakes

Concluding on a significant note, it’s important to acknowledge that weddings come in diverse sizes and styles. Many individuals opt for intimate ceremonies that enable them to share meaningful moments with their nearest companions.

For those orchestrating a modest wedding and a reception intended for an attendance of fewer than 50 individuals, Cold Stone offers an enticing option. The provision of custom-crafted cakes, infused with ice cream and adorned with personalized messages, caters to this niche. These cakes are available in a spectrum of sizes, accommodating varying needs. The pricing structure for their wedding cakes encompasses an inclusive package that encompasses the freedom to select ice cream mix-ins, cake embellishments, and a curated assortment of wedding-themed messages.

Cold Stone Graduation Cakes

Marking the milestone of graduation is a substantial occasion, warranting celebration by gathering friends and former classmates. Among the myriad options, Cold Stone cakes shine as an excellent choice, capable of elevating your graduation party to a memorable affair.

Cold Stone’s graduation cake prices present an attractive affordability, making them an optimal fit for grand gatherings. These cakes are available in both sizable round and rectangle formats, adeptly catering to a larger guest count. With the potential to serve up to 50 attendees, Cold Stone bakery cakes are poised to anchor your graduation celebration with a delectable and visually appealing centerpiece.

Holiday Cakes

The holiday season rushes past in the blink of an eye. Rather than investing your precious time in baking treats for various holiday occasions, from festive get-togethers to office parties and your own cherished holiday feast, contemplate the convenience of acquiring a Cold Stone cake, readily available for prompt pickup.

These cakes emerge as an optimal choice for those seeking an immediate dessert solution for their holiday events. Offered in a variety of distinctive flavors like strawberry passion and cookies and creamery, these cakes obviate the need for pre-ordering hassles. With the absence of advance notice requirements, Cold Stone presents a hassle-free option for your last-minute holiday dessert needs.

How to Order?

Numerous simpler Cold Stone cake options are available for immediate in-store pickup. If your preference leans towards a personalized cake, the standard procedure involves placing an order with a minimum 24-hour advance notice. Yet, it’s possible to explore an expedited option by locating the store’s contact number through the online directory, allowing you to reach out during their operating hours for the possibility of a rush order.

Orders can seamlessly be initiated either in person or through phone communication. However, the most straightforward approach is facilitated through the online form, found on Cold Stone’s website. Once you’ve chosen your desired cake flavors, you can proceed to tailor your selection by specifying special messages, preferred decorating hues, and the ideal cake size.

What is the price range for Cold Stone cakes?

Cold Stone cakes vary in price depending on size, design, and customization. Generally, prices can range from $14.99 to $53.99 or more, accommodating different budgets and occasions.

What sizes are available for Cold Stone cakes?

Cold Stone offers cakes in various sizes, including round and rectangle shapes, suitable for different gatherings. Their cakes can serve up to 50 guests.

Can I customize the flavors of my Cold Stone cake?

Absolutely! Cold Stone allows you to personalize your cake by selecting from a wide array of ice cream and cake flavors. You can create your unique flavor combination.

Do I need to place an order in advance for a Cold Stone cake?

For many occasions like birthdays and parties, you can simply walk in and purchase a Cold Stone cake from the store. However, for special events and customized cakes, it’s recommended to place an order ahead of time.

How can I order a Cold Stone cake?

There are three main ways to order a Cold Stone cake: You can call your nearest Cold Stone Creamery location and place an order with the manager, visit the store in person to discuss your preferences, or use the Cold Stone Creamery website to place an order online using their user-friendly form.

What flavors are available for Cold Stone cakes?

Cold Stone offers a variety of signature ice cream and cake flavors, including options like strawberry passion and cookies and creamery, which you can choose to create your perfect cake.

Final Thoughts

For an indulgence that caters to you, your loved ones, and your circle of friends, Cold Stone cakes present an affordable and high-quality option. Acquiring one is effortlessly achieved through three distinct avenues. You can either contact the nearest Cold Stone Creamery outlet and liaise with the manager to place your order, or you can directly visit the store to initiate the order process. Alternatively, Cold Stone’s user-friendly website facilitates online orders, streamlining the process through an intuitive ordering form.

In addition, explore our website’s articles on other notable bakeries such as Safeway Bakery, Schnucks Bakery, and ShopRite Bakery for further options and insights.

We eagerly invite you to share your thoughts on Cold Stone’s services and delectable treats in the comments section below. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

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