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Updated: November 13, 2023


Welcome to CakExpo, where an extensive array of double-layer cakes awaits your indulgence. Immerse yourself in a plethora of design options and flavors that cater to diverse preferences. The allure of double-layer cakes lies in their sophisticated style and charming designs, captivating the attention of guests at events ranging from grand birthday celebrations to milestone anniversaries and engagement ceremonies.

Our double-layer cake designs not only exude elegance but can also be seamlessly tailored to complement the thematic essence of your birthday decorations, adding an extra layer of appeal to your festivities. The skilled artisans at CakExpo stand poised to bring you the latest trends and deliver freshly baked cakes, ensuring that your celebration is infused with joy and delectable moments.

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2 KG Cake Designs & Serving Capacity

Whether it’s your child’s birthday, a marriage anniversary, or your parent’s milestone celebration, the quest for the perfect cake is always on. The anticipation builds as we select the ideal cake flavor, design, and size, knowing it will take center stage, capturing the attention of all our guests. For occasions requiring a substantial quantity, the 2 KG Cakes at your disposal offer an extensive range of design options.

With a 2 KG Cake, you have the freedom to incorporate numerous elements, tailoring it to your preferences. This becomes an excellent choice when your guest list extends to 26-30 people, as a 2 KG Cake can gracefully serve a maximum of 30 individuals. Elevate your celebration with a cake that not only delights the taste buds but also becomes a visual centerpiece for your joyous gathering.

2 KG Cake Price

CakeApproximate Price
2 KG Doll Cake PriceRs. 1800 to Rs. 2000
Photo Cake Price 2 KGRs. 1600 to Rs. 1800
2 KG Chocolate Cake PriceRs. 1800 to Rs. 2000
2 KG Red Velvet Cake PriceRs. 2000 to Rs. 2200
Butterscotch Cake 2 KG PriceRs. 1800 to Rs. 2000
2 KG Black Forest Cake PriceRs. 1600 to Rs. 1800
Doraemon Cake 2 KGRs. 1700 to Rs. 1900
Mickey Mouse Cake 2 KGRs. 1900 to Rs. 2200

Explore our exquisite range of 2 KG cakes tailored for your celebration. Delight in a plethora of options, allowing you to choose the perfect cake that suits your taste. The 2 KG Cake collection offers customization, enabling you to select designs that resonate with your preferences. Take a moment to peruse our offerings, and feel free to send an inquiry to our bakers for additional options and quotes.

While the table below provides an overview of the cake’s weight and serving capacity, it’s crucial to engage in a discussion with your baker before confirming the cake’s weight. Variations may occur among different bakers, and a personalized conversation ensures that your chosen cake aligns seamlessly with your celebration needs.

Cake WeightServing Capacity
Half KG Cake6 – 7 People
1 KG Cake13 – 15 People
2 KG Cake26 – 30 People
3 KG Cake42 – 45 People
4 KG Cake60 – 65 People
5 KG Cake75 – 80 People

Factors Influencing 2 KG Cake Prices

The pricing of a 2 KG cake is influenced by various factors that contribute to the overall cost of production and customization. Understanding these factors can help consumers make informed decisions when selecting a cake for their special occasions. Here are the key factors influencing the

prices of 2 KG cakes:

Ingredients Matter:
Quality of Ingredients: The use of premium ingredients, such as high-quality flour, eggs, dairy, and flavorings, can significantly impact the cost of the cake.
Specialty and Exotic Ingredients: Cakes featuring rare or exotic ingredients, gourmet chocolates, or unique flavorings may come with a higher price tag.

The intricacy of Design:
Complexity of Decoration: Elaborate and intricate designs require more time and skill, contributing to a higher overall cost.
Handcrafted Details: Cakes with handcrafted fondant decorations, intricate piping work, or sugar sculptures demand more effort and expertise, influencing the final price.

Customization and Personalization:
Personalized Themes: Customized designs, especially those tailored to specific themes or occasions, often involve additional design work and may affect the overall cost.
Special Requests: Any special requests, such as specific colors, edible prints, or unique design elements, can contribute to a higher price.

Baker’s Expertise and Reputation:
Baker’s Skill Level: Cakes crafted by experienced and skilled bakers may be priced higher due to the expertise involved in creating a visually appealing and delicious product.
Reputation of the Bakery: Established and renowned bakeries may charge more for their cakes based on their reputation and the quality of their craftsmanship.

Size and Shape of the Cake:
2 KG Size Variation: While 2 KG is a standard size, variations in shape (round, square, tiered, etc.) can affect the price.
Serving Capacity: Larger cakes that serve more people may have higher prices compared to smaller ones.

Flavor Complexity and Combinations:
Specialty Flavors: Cakes featuring exotic or premium flavors, such as truffle, matcha, or gourmet fruit infusions, may be priced higher than traditional flavors.
Layered Flavors: Cakes with multiple layers and diverse flavor combinations can require more effort in both baking and flavor coordination, influencing the overall cost.

Time and Labor Involved:
Baking Time: Cakes that require longer baking times, intricate designs, or additional steps in the preparation process may be priced higher to account for the increased labor and time investment.
Assembly and Decoration Time: The time spent on assembling and decorating the cake, especially for complex designs, contributes to the final cost.

Exploring the Market 2 KG Cake Price Range

When it comes to exploring the market for 2 KG cakes, understanding the price range is crucial for making informed decisions that align with your budget and expectations. The cost of a 2 KG cake can vary based on several factors, including the bakery’s location, reputation, and the level of customization. Let’s delve into the diverse market landscape and explore the typical price range for 2 KG cakes:

Local Bakeries vs. Specialized Cake Shops:

Local Bakeries: In many neighborhoods, local bakeries offer a range of cake options, including 2 KG cakes. Prices at local bakeries might be relatively lower, making them an attractive option for those on a budget.
Specialized Cake Shops: Specialty cake shops, known for their expertise in creating custom designs and premium quality, often charge higher prices. The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail can significantly impact the cost.

Online Platforms and Pricing Comparisons:
Online Bakeries: With the rise of online platforms, many bakeries now offer the convenience of ordering 2 KG cakes online. Prices can vary widely among online bakeries, and it’s advisable to explore different options to find competitive rates.
Comparative Analysis: Conducting a comparative analysis of prices on various online platforms allows customers to identify cost-effective options without compromising on quality.

Budgeting Tips for a Luxurious Cake Experience:
Plan Ahead: Ordering your 2 KG cake well in advance can sometimes lead to discounted prices, especially during off-peak seasons.
Consider Package Deals: Some bakeries offer package deals that may include additional items such as cupcakes, cookies, or a complementary small cake. This can provide added value for your budget.

Location and Economic Factors:
Urban vs. Rural Areas: The location of the bakery plays a role in determining the price. Urban areas with a higher cost of living may have slightly elevated prices compared to rural locations.
Economic Conditions: Economic factors, such as inflation and supply chain costs, can impact overall pricing. Bakeries may adjust their prices accordingly.

Quality and Reputation:
Renowned Bakeries: Established and renowned bakeries with a strong reputation for quality and craftsmanship often command higher prices. Customers may find that the premium cost is justified by the exceptional taste and presentation.
Customer Reviews: Reading customer reviews and testimonials can provide insights into the overall satisfaction of previous customers, helping you gauge whether the pricing aligns with the perceived value.

Seasonal Variations:
Peak vs. Off-Peak Seasons: During peak celebration seasons, such as weddings and holidays, prices may experience a temporary increase due to higher demand. Conversely, off-peak seasons may offer more competitive rates.

What is the price of a 2 kg double-layer cake at CakExpo?

Explore our range of 2 kg double-layer cakes, each competitively priced to ensure a delightful experience without breaking the bank. Visit our website or contact our customer service for specific pricing details.

How many design options are available for double-layer cakes?

Immerse yourself in a plethora of design choices, ranging from timeless classics to trendy and personalized options. Our collection caters to diverse tastes, ensuring there’s a perfect design for every occasion.

Do you offer different flavors for double-layer cakes?

Yes, delight your taste buds with an extensive selection of flavors. From classic favorites to unique blends, our double-layer cakes are crafted with high-quality ingredients to satisfy every palate.

Why choose a double-layer cake for celebrations?

The elegance and charm of double-layer cakes make them a perfect choice for significant celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements. Their eye-catching designs and generous portions ensure a memorable and visually appealing experience.

Can I customize the design of my double-layer cake?

At CakExpo, we understand the importance of personalization. Our skilled bakers are ready to collaborate with you to create a customized double-layer cake that aligns seamlessly with your celebration’s theme and style.

What occasions are ideal for a double-layer cake?

Double-layer cakes are ideal for a range of occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, engagement ceremonies, and other milestone events. The grandeur and presence of a double-layer cake add an extra touch of celebration to any festivity.

How can I place an order for a 2 kg double-layer cake?

Ordering your dream cake is simple. Visit our website, explore the options, and place your order online. Alternatively, reach out to our customer service for assistance and a seamless ordering process.

Is delivery available, and how fresh are the cakes?

We offer reliable and prompt delivery services to ensure your cake arrives in pristine condition. Our commitment to freshness means that every cake is baked to perfection just before delivery, guaranteeing a mouthwatering experience for you and your guests.


At CakExpo, we take pride in offering a delightful journey into the world of double-layer cakes. Our 2 kg cakes, with their impeccable designs and diverse flavors, are crafted to elevate your celebrations. From classic elegance to personalized creations, our range caters to every taste and occasion.

Choosing a double-layer cake from CakExpo ensures that your special moments are not only marked by deliciousness but also by the captivating presence of a beautifully designed centerpiece. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or any other milestone, our cakes add an extra layer of joy and celebration.

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