Gaby’s Bakery Cakes Prices in 2023

Updated: October 1, 2023


Established in 1994 amidst the vibrant heart of New Brunswick, Gaby’s Bakery embarked on a mission to craft genuine Mexican bread, infusing each creation with a slice of Mexico’s essence. Their hallmark creation, the Homemade Flavored Bread, encapsulates the very spirit of this culinary endeavor.

With every indulgent bite of their meticulously prepared loaves, a vivid tapestry of Mexican flavor and culture unfurls, a testament to the cherished place it holds in their hearts. Gaby’s Bakery has become synonymous with a sensory journey through the rich traditions of Mexican baking, beckoning patrons to savor a unique blend of authenticity and passion in every delectable morsel.

The aroma that wafts from their ovens, the taste that dances on the palate, all harmonize to transport you to the bustling streets and warm kitchens of Mexico. Through two decades of unwavering dedication, Gaby’s Bakery has perfected the art of marrying heritage with taste, ensuring that each encounter with their bread is an invitation to experience a slice of Mexico’s culinary soul.

Gaby’s Bakery Cakes Prices

8 inch One Layer Round Cake$8.79
8 inch Two Layer Round Cake$16.49
⅛ Sheet Cake$19.99
¼ Sheet Cake$21.99
½ Sheet Cake$45.99
Full Sheet Cake$55.99
Custom Cakesvaries

Bakery’s Cakes

Gaby’s Bakery boasts an extensive array of cakes and pastries tailored for every conceivable occasion. Renowned not only within the New Brunswick, NJ locale but also resonating far beyond its borders, their creations are a testament to their commitment to excellence. Each confection is meticulously crafted using only the finest, premium-grade ingredients, ensuring a taste that surpasses expectations. The artistry extends to customization, where every detail is tailored to your exacting specifications, promising a treat that is uniquely yours.

With a wealth of experience under their belt, Gaby’s Bakery has honed their craft to perfection. From the decadent Tres Leches Cake to the timeless allure of Chocolate, Vanilla, and Carrot Cakes, their specialties are as diverse as they are delectable. But the offerings don’t stop there. The menu extends to an array of delightful desserts, including jellies, Napolitano flan, mini cakes, and an enticing selection of other treats, each vying for a place on your palate. Gaby’s Bakery is not just a bakery; it’s an experience in taste, craftsmanship, and the celebration of special moments.

Gaby’s Bakery Birthday Cakes

To elevate your birthday celebration, consider indulging in one of Gaby’s Bakery’s exquisite offerings, be it a classic sheet cake, a perfectly rounded creation, or a custom-designed masterpiece tailored to your unique vision. For those with the foresight to plan ahead, personalized birthday greeting cakes are also available, adding a personal touch to your special day.

To enchant young hearts, opt for one of the delightful character cake designs that effortlessly align with the theme of a child’s birthday party. Meanwhile, for sophisticated adult celebrations, the bakery’s elegant fondant cakes provide a fitting choice, exuding a refined charm.

It’s worth noting that more intricate designs may come at an additional cost, reflecting the craftsmanship and attention to detail poured into their creation.

Baby Shower Cakes

At Gaby’s Bakery, you’ll discover an array of delectable, ready-made selections perfect for baby showers. Their buttercream cakes are a visual delight, adorned with gentle pastel hues, whimsical petals, playful polka dots, and elegant stripes. For a personal touch, customized designs offer the option to include a heartfelt greeting message for the newest member of the family.

For grander affairs, the Bakery’s fondant cakes steal the show, boasting exquisite themes like baby carriages, building blocks, cozy cribs, and charming miniature toys. These are particularly recommended for larger baby showers, ensuring a captivating centerpiece that leaves a lasting impression.

Innovative shapes are also on offer, with cakes artfully crafted into adorable forms like a baby bag brimming with tiny treasures, including toys, bottles, and other baby-themed delights. These imaginative designs promise to be the highlight of your baby shower celebration, adding an extra layer of joy and excitement.

Wedding Cakes

Gaby’s Bakery comes highly recommended for wedding cakes, renowned for their ability to craft breathtaking, timeless designs on multi-tiered confections adorned with cascading flowers and delicate pearls. The frosting itself becomes a canvas, transformed into intricate floral patterns, elegant lacework, or chic stripes. Moreover, if you provide a sample of your wedding colors, Antigua Bakery will skillfully match the frosting to your chosen palette, ensuring a harmonious visual aesthetic.

In addition to classic designs, Gaby’s Bakery is adept at creating unique and on-trend wedding cake styles, reflecting a contemporary flair. It’s important to note that the level of artistry and craftsmanship invested in these creations may warrant a higher price point.

How much do custom cakes cost at Gaby’s Bakery in 2023?

Custom cake prices at Gaby’s Bakery in 2023 vary based on factors such as size, complexity of design, and special requests. For accurate pricing, we recommend reaching out to our bakery directly.

What is the starting price for a standard-sized cake?

The starting price for a standard-sized cake at Gaby’s Bakery in 2023 is $XX.XX. However, please note that this price may be subject to change based on specific customization requests.

Do cake prices differ based on flavor or filling choices?

Yes, cake prices may vary depending on the flavor and filling options chosen. Certain ingredients and fillings may incur additional charges.

Are there any additional costs for special dietary requirements (e.g., gluten-free, vegan)?

Yes, special dietary requests such as gluten-free or vegan options may incur additional charges. Please inform our bakery staff about any dietary restrictions when placing your order.

How far in advance should I place a cake order?

To ensure availability and allow for proper preparation, we recommend placing cake orders at least [X weeks/months] in advance. For more specific details, please contact our bakery.

Is there a delivery fee for cakes?

Yes, there may be a delivery fee based on the location and distance. The fee will be determined at the time of order placement.

Can I make changes to my cake order after it’s been confirmed?

Depending on the nature of the changes and the lead time, we will do our best to accommodate adjustments. Please contact our bakery as soon as possible if you need to make any alterations.

Do you offer wedding cake packages?

Yes, we offer custom wedding cake packages to suit various preferences and budgets. For detailed information on our wedding cake options and pricing, please get in touch with our dedicated wedding cake consultant.

Is there a price list available for reference?

We do not have a standardized price list as our cakes are highly customizable. For accurate and up-to-date pricing, please contact Gaby’s Bakery directly.


Gaby’s Bakery stands as a beacon of culinary artistry, blending tradition and innovation to create extraordinary baked delights. With a legacy rooted in the heart of New Brunswick since 1994, we have proudly shared the authentic flavors of Mexico through our Homemade Flavored Bread. Each slice tells a story of a cherished culture and a passion for quality that resonates in every crumb.

As we step into 2023, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Our cakes, a testament to this dedication, are not just confections but crafted experiences tailored to your desires. While prices may vary based on customizations and special requests, our promise of exceptional taste and quality stands firm.

We extend our gratitude to our valued patrons for their trust and continued support. Your enthusiasm fuels our creativity and motivates us to push the boundaries of baking. Whether it’s a special occasion or a moment of everyday indulgence, Gaby’s Bakery is here to serve you.

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