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Updated: August 18, 2023


In 1905, Florence Butt embarked on a venture by establishing a modest grocery store in Texas, fueled by a $60.00 investment. Taking the reins in the 1920s, her son, Howard E. Butts, steered the store’s growth, propelling it into an expansive chain across the Texan landscape. The 1940s marked a turning point with the introduction of distinctive H-E-B brand products and groundbreaking additions like frozen foods.

Today, H-E-B stands tall as one of the United States’ premier independently-owned supermarket chains. Renowned for its exceptional range of produce, seafood, meats, and bakery items, the chain remains committed to offering top-quality offerings at accessible prices. Notably, the allure of H-E-B cakes enjoys widespread demand, epitomizing the brand’s popularity.

HEB Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
Full Sheet$48.98
1/2 Sheet$28.48
1/4 Sheet$19.98
1/8 Sheet$13.98
Round Cakes
8″ Single Layer$6.98
8″ Double Layer$10.98
Cupcake Cakes
12 Count$8.98
24 Count$15.99
Wedding Cakes
2 TiersVaries
3 TiersVaries

H-E-B Birthday Cake

H-E-B excels in crafting vibrant birthday cakes that not only captivate children but also delight adult guests. The bakery showcases an array of enchanting Disney characters and dynamic sports themes, catering to diverse preferences. Available in sizes ranging from quarter to full sheet, as well as multi-layered rounds, these birthday cakes can accommodate gatherings of up to 96 attendees.

H-E-B’s birthday cake offerings extend the freedom to choose cake batter flavor—ranging from chocolate, yellow, white, marble, to strawberry—along with an array of fillings such as lemon, pineapple, vanilla, raspberry, and strawberry. The choice of icing, be it buttercream or elite, further personalizes the creation. Ultimately, H-E-B cakes possess the magic to captivate guests of all ages, leaving an irresistible impression of that cherished sweet indulgence that few can resist.

H-E-B Baby Shower Cakes

Selecting a distinctive, playful, and whimsical baby shower cake can transform your party spread into a captivating centerpiece, sparking conversations and delighting your guests. When it comes to this choice, H-E-B cakes reign supreme, offering the ideal selection for  those seeking a standout confection. Whether it’s your desire to create a lasting impression at your upcoming baby shower or any other occasion, H-E-B cakes deliver with finesse.

Beyond the realm of conventional baby shower-themed sheet cakes, H-E-B presents an array of gourmet options that seamlessly merge exquisite design with irresistible flavors. Among the crowd favorites is the divine “Heavenly Delight” cake, showcasing a luscious French sponge cake crowned with whipped cream and adorned with fresh strawberries. Additionally, the red velvet cream cheesecake stands out as a tantalizing option that blends the rich allure of red velvet with the indulgent creaminess of cheesecake.

Irrespective of your choice between a traditional baby shower-themed creation or a gourmet masterpiece, H-E-B maintains an accessible pricing structure, ensuring that your cake customization doesn’t come with extra costs. This enables you to craft a cake that resonates perfectly with your envisioned theme and taste preferences, all within a budget-friendly framework. Let H-E-B elevate your baby shower experience with their delectable and visually captivating cakes that promise to leave an indelible mark on your celebration.

H-E-B Wedding Cake

Elevate your wedding with the exquisite touch of H-E-B bakery cakes. Renowned for their mastery in crafting personalized, stunning wedding cakes, H-E-B stands as the ultimate choice for couples seeking a cake that reflects their unique love story. Within its offerings, H-E-B presents an array of designs spanning from timeless classics to charming rustic aesthetics and contemporary modern styles.

Delight your taste buds with a spectrum of flavors, including the perennial favorites of white, yellow, chocolate, marble, and strawberry. What sets H-E-B apart is the opportunity to infuse unparalleled individuality into your wedding cake by opting for up to five tiers, artfully combining tiers to cater to your guest count, accommodating up to a generous 160 attendees.

H-E-B’s wedding cake prices encompass not just the culinary excellence, but also the artistic finesse that comes with intricate, edible decorations and elegantly crafted cake toppers. The inclusion of fresh, delicate flowers, personalized initials, and other thoughtful embellishments adds an extra layer of charm to your creation. Should your heart lean towards an elaborate, highly detailed cake design, H-E-B’s skilled artisans rise to the occasion, intuitively capturing and translating your vision into a confectionary masterpiece.

H-E-B Graduation Cakes

As the graduation ceremony concludes, seize the opportunity to astonish your accomplished family member with an enchanting touch by presenting one of H-E-B’s splendid custom-made cakes. The array of options available within H-E-B’s bakery offerings ensures that you can tailor the cake to perfectly match the recipient’s preferences.

H-E-B’s bakery cakes boast a diverse spectrum of flavors, allowing you to select a taste that resonates best with the graduate’s palate. Furthermore, the availability of a multitude of icing colors offers the chance to adorn the cake with a personalized message, which can be beautifully rendered in the colors of their school or even their favorite hues.

The allure of H-E-B graduation cake prices lies in their affordability, rendering them a budget-conscious approach to satiating the appetites of attendees, whether it’s a cozy family gathering or a sprawling graduation celebration with a large guest list. These cakes effectively cater to a wide range of gatherings, ensuring that both intimate familial moments and vibrant, jubilant parties are equally celebrated.

How to Order?

Savor the convenience of ordering H-E-B cakes effortlessly through their user-friendly website. With just a few clicks, you can navigate the online ordering process seamlessly. Begin by selecting your desired cake batter flavor, followed by your preferred filling type, and icing color. Once you’ve personalized your cake to perfection, designate the appropriate cake size that aligns with your needs.

For those seeking the elegance of a wedding cake, a slight deviation in the process is in place. Contact the H-E-B store closest to you and engage in a productive conversation with the adept bakery staff. This step allows you to communicate your unique requirements, discuss intricate details, and finalize your order directly over the phone.

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How much do H-E-B cakes cost in 2023?

The prices of H-E-B cakes can vary depending on the size, design, and type of cake you choose. Generally, prices range from [price range] for smaller cakes to [price range] for larger, more intricate designs.

What types of cakes does H-E-B offer?

H-E-B offers a diverse selection of cakes, including custom-decorated birthday cakes, elegant wedding cakes, themed celebration cakes, and more. You can find a cake to suit any occasion or preference.

Can I order a custom cake from H-E-B?

Yes, H-E-B provides the option to order custom cakes. You can choose the flavor, size, design, and even add personalized messages or images to make your cake truly unique.

Do I need to place a cake order in advance?

It’s recommended to place your cake order in advance, especially for special occasions. This ensures that H-E-B can accommodate your request and have the cake ready for your desired pickup date.

Are there gluten-free or other dietary options available?

H-E-B may offer gluten-free and other dietary-specific cake options. It’s best to check with your local store or their website to see the available choices to accommodate your dietary needs.

What is the ordering process for H-E-B cakes?

To order an H-E-B cake, you can visit your local store’s bakery department or use their online cake ordering platform. Simply provide your cake specifications, choose your preferred pickup date, and complete the order.

Are H-E-B cakes well-received by customers?

Yes, H-E-B cakes are generally well-received by customers for their taste, quality, and creative designs. Many people appreciate the affordability and convenience of getting a delicious cake from a reputable supermarket chain.


H-E-B continues to delight customers in 2023 with an array of delectable cakes that cater to various tastes and occasions. As a leading supermarket chain, H-E-B offers a wide range of cake options, from custom-designed creations to ready-to-order selections, ensuring that every celebration is enhanced by their sweet creations. While cake prices can differ based on factors like size and complexity, H-E-B remains committed to providing quality and affordability.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, or any special moment, H-E-B’s cakes stand as a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional bakery products that bring joy and satisfaction to countless customers. To explore the latest cake designs, prices, and ordering details, connecting with your local H-E-B store or visiting their official website is your key to indulging in these delectable delights.

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