Ingles Bakery Cakes Prices in 2023

Updated: August 21, 2023


Renowned for its commitment to offering a diverse array of quality products at exceptionally affordable rates, Ingles Bakery has garnered a reputation that resonates with its delectable assortment of cakes. Boasting a catalog brimming with a myriad of dessert options, the bakery stands as a beacon for those seeking to infuse their celebrations with a touch of culinary delight. Elevating festivities to the realm of unforgettable, Ingles Bakery beckons as the quintessential destination for cake connoisseurs.

At the heart of their appeal lies an expansive selection of cakes, each bearing the mark of scrumptiousness and individuality that has become synonymous with the establishment. Particularly notable is the bakery’s prowess in crafting birthday cakes that captivate the hearts of children across the board. Yet, it’s worth noting that the pricing for their sheet cakes can exhibit variability contingent on factors such as design intricacy and flavor profiles.

Delving into the heart of the matter, this article endeavors to elucidate the nuances surrounding cake pricing at Ingles Bakery. By delving into the intricacies of their pricing structure, this exploration equips you with the essential insights necessary to navigate your cake selection journey. As you peruse through these pages, you’ll uncover the key to harmonizing your celebratory vision with the delectable offerings of Ingles Bakery.

What is the pricing range for Ingles Bakery cakes?

The pricing range for Ingles Bakery cakes can vary based on factors such as the cake’s size, design complexity, and flavor. While specific prices may change over time and across locations, as of my last update in September 2021, I can provide you with a general idea of what to expect:

  1. Sheet Cakes: Sheet cakes are often a cost-effective option, suitable for larger gatherings. Prices typically start at around $20 for a basic 1/8 sheet cake and can go up based on size, design, and customization.

  2. Round Cakes: Round cakes, often used for smaller gatherings or celebrations, might start around $10 for a basic 6-inch cake. Prices increase with larger sizes and more intricate designs.

  3. Specialty Cakes: Specialty cakes, including themed cakes, wedding cakes, or custom-designed cakes, tend to have a wider price range. These can start at around $30 for a basic design and can reach several hundred dollars or more for elaborate or tiered cakes.

Remember that these prices are approximate and can vary based on your location and the specific Ingles Bakery outlet you visit. It’s always a good idea to inquire directly at your local Ingles Bakery for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Ingles Bakery Cakes

Sheet CakePrice
Party Cake 2$23.98
Party Cake 20$23.98
Catching the Big One$31.98
Party Cake 12$23.98
Party Cake 1$23.98
Disney Princess – Once Upon A Time$31.98
Party Cake 8$23.98
Cars 3 – Ahead of the curve$31.98
Hotwheels Drift$31.98
Beauty and the Beast – Beautiful As A Rose$31.98
Minnie Happy Helpers$31.98
Mickey – The Roadster Racers$31.98
Spider-Man Ultimate Light Up Eyes$31.98
Paw Patrol$31.98
John Deere$31.98
Hello Kitty$31.98
Super Mario$31.98
Peppa Pig$31.98
Sesame Street$31.98
Trolls Happy$31.98
Unicorn Creations$31.98
Dear Head Magnet$31.98
Beach Chair and Umbrella$31.98
Construction Dig$31.98
Dinosaur Pals$31.98
Summer Flip Flops$31.98
Red Hot Chopper$31.98
Military /robot Tank$31.98
Crown and Scepter$31.98
Mystical Mermaid$31.98
Bath Toys$31.98
Monster Jam$31.98
Blue Baby Booties$31.98
Pink Baby Booties$31.98
Shark Creations$31.98
Dragon Creations$31.98
Baby Shark$31.98
Disney Encanto$31.98
Party Cake 3$23.98
Party Cake 4$23.98
Party Cake 5$23.98
Party Cake 6$23.98
Party Cake 7$23.98
Party Cake 8$23.98
Party Cake 9$23.98
Party Cake 10$23.98
Party Cake 11$23.98
Party Cake 12$23.98
Party Cake 13$23.98
Party Cake 14$23.98
Party Cake 15$23.98
Party Cake 16$23.98
Party Cake 17$23.98
Party Cake 18$23.98
Party Cake 19$23.98
Party Cake 20$23.98
Party Cake 21$23.98
Party Cake 22$23.98
Party Cake 23$23.98
Party Cake 24$23.98

Bakery’s History

Robert Ingle’s background uniquely positioned him to discern and cater to customer inclinations within his market. As a scion of a supermarket lineage spanning three generations, he honed his insights while laboring in a grocery store established by his grandparents in Asheville, North Carolina – the very site where the corporate headquarters now stands. Following the cessation of the family enterprise by Elmer Ingle in 1956, Robert embarked on a scholastic journey, enrolling at the University of Miami.

Subsequently, between 1961 and 1963, Robert Ingle journeyed back to the Carolinas and became an integral part of the Colonial Stores network, further enriching his understanding of the industry landscape. This period of apprenticeship laid the foundation for his eventual triumph. Armed with tenacity and a nascent vision, Robert orchestrated the acquisition of funding, culminating in the establishment of his inaugural Ingles store in Asheville in 1963. This marked the genesis of his entrepreneurial saga, a testament to his ability to transform experience and aspiration into a thriving reality.

In 1963, Robert Ingle inaugurated the inaugural Ingles supermarket in Asheville, North Carolina, propelled by his vision of catering to smaller cities and communities that often went overlooked. This strategic insight proved prescient, especially as expansive food emporiums dominated rural landscapes across North and South Carolina. The success of this pioneering venture resonated distinctly, paving the path for a triumphant foray into analogous locales in Georgia, swiftly followed by expansions into Tennessee, Alabama, and Virginia.

Presently boasting an impressive annual sales figure surpassing $4 billion, Ingles stands as a retail titan, boasting a network of approximately 200 stores spanning six southern states within the United States. Rooted in Robert Ingle’s original vision, the company’s foundation was forged with an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and a pursuit of quality and convenience that perseveres to this day. This commitment is epitomized by Ingles Markets’ diverse inventory, featuring a robust selection of renowned brand-name products complemented by their own Laura Lynn brand items, which have garnered a reputation for matching or even surpassing national counterparts in quality and are endorsed by the company.

The legacy of Robert Ingle’s enterprise carries on with the Ingles Private Label trademark, embodied by his daughter, Laura Lynn Ingle. A shining exemplar of this legacy lies in the realm of confections – Ingles Bakery’s cakes. Emanating from a tradition of excellence and consumer-centric ethos, these cakes are a testament to the commitment that has come to define Ingles. If you’ve yet to savor their creations, we eagerly invite you to partake in the experience and share your impressions by contributing your thoughts in the comment section below. Your insights serve as a valuable testament to the exceptional quality that continues to be synonymous with Ingles Bakery.


If your wedding calls for a more intimate celebration, Ingles has you covered with a selection of small wedding cakes. The bakery proudly presents an array of 11 distinct designs, catering to both two and three-tier configurations. For your convenience, most designs are available in sizes of six or 10 inches. A notable exception is the enchanting “Love All Around” design, which offers options of six, 10, and 12-inch sizes. For those seeking an even grander presentation, the “Love All Around” design stands out with choices encompassing six, 10, and 14-inch cakes.

Beyond their visual allure, Ingles’ wedding cakes are thoughtfully designed to indicate the anticipated servings, both with and without the inclusion of the top layer. This facet holds particular significance, considering that some couples opt to preserve the top layer for a ceremonial consumption on their first anniversary. This nuanced insight plays a pivotal role in determining the ideal cake size for your special occasion, ensuring that every slice carries both symbolic and scrumptious significance.

Are there different cake sizes available?

Indeed, Ingles Bakery provides cakes in different sizes to accommodate varying guest counts. Options typically include six, 10, and 12-inch sizes, while certain designs, like “Love All Around,” extend to 14-inch cakes.

How do I determine the right cake size for my event?

Ingles Bakery considers your convenience by indicating how many servings each cake design can yield, including both with and without the top layer. This information is particularly valuable for events where couples plan to preserve the top layer for future enjoyment.

Are there specialized wedding cake options?

Absolutely, Ingles Bakery offers an array of wedding cake designs, featuring both two and three-tier configurations. These designs cater to intimate celebrations while retaining the elegance and allure that mark such occasions.

What distinguishes the “Love All Around” design?

The “Love All Around” design stands out not only for its intricate charm but also for its unique range of cake sizes. This design extends to 14-inch cakes, providing an even more grandiose centerpiece option.

Are Ingles Bakery cakes cost-effective?

Ingles Bakery is renowned for its commitment to offering quality products at reasonable prices. While cake prices may vary, the bakery’s ethos of affordability remains a constant.

Can I share my feedback about Ingles Bakery cakes?

Absolutely! We encourage you to share your experiences and opinions about Ingles Bakery cakes. Your insights contribute to the ongoing excellence of their offerings.


In the realm of culinary delights, Ingles Bakery stands as a beacon of excellence, offering a diverse array of delectable cakes that cater to every palate and occasion. As we conclude our exploration into Ingles Bakery’s cake prices and offerings in 2023, a few key takeaways stand out.

Ingles Bakery’s legacy, rooted in founder Robert Ingle’s commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction, continues to shine bright. With a rich history that began in 1963, this bakery has evolved into a retail powerhouse, offering not only a plethora of cake choices but also an extensive selection of brand-name products, supplemented by their trusted Laura Lynn brand.

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