Keki Modern Cakes: Jiggliest Cake in New York City

Updated: October 8, 2023


Keki Modern Cakes has solidified its standing as a revered bakery within the bustling New York City metropolitan area. Its widespread popularity extends to both locals and tourists, earning it a coveted spot on the itineraries recommended by some of the globe’s foremost travel advisors.

The bakery has become a topic of animated conversation, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that you’ve caught wind of their name at some point. Their renown isn’t solely tethered to the delectable desserts they offer, but also to their deep-seated roots in the vibrant community of Chinatown.

This fusion of exceptional taste and a rich cultural heritage sets Keki Modern Cakes apart, creating an experience that transcends the mere act of savoring a sweet treat. With each bite, patrons embark on a journey through time and tradition, a testament to the bakery’s unwavering commitment to both culinary excellence and community spirit.

The History of Keki Modern Cakes

In the late 1990s, Moul Kim and Lawrence Wai embarked on a culinary journey that would lay the foundation for Keki Modern Cakes. Their vision was clear: to create a bakery that drew inspiration from a diverse array of global flavors and cake-making techniques. To turn this dream into reality, they set out on an expedition.

Their Quest for Fresh and Distinctive Cake Concepts

Kim and Wai crisscrossed the globe, immersing themselves in a whirlwind tour of bakeries worldwide, in pursuit of the most exceptional internationally-inspired dessert recipes.

What resonated with them was a universal truth: the cornerstone of a triumphant recipe rested on the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients specific to each region. Empowered by this revelation, they returned to Chinatown, poised for the next chapter in their culinary odyssey.

Recognizing the pivotal role of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Kim and Wai enlisted the expertise of Executive Chef Kevin Kim, previously of Per Se and Bouchon, to infuse their dessert line with a delightful array of such elements.

In their relentless pursuit of quality, they embarked on expeditions to local farms and markets, meticulously selecting the finest farm-fresh eggs, grass-fed dairy products, and locally grown fruits and vegetables. This meticulous sourcing yielded a winning formula that would serve as the bedrock for the inception of Keki Modern.

The aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy cast a shadow over Chinatown, leading to a decline in foot traffic and vitality. The subsequent financial crisis of 2008 only exacerbated the neighborhood’s woes, as the once-thriving cultural hub began to languish.

In a bid to rekindle the spirit of this cherished community, Kim and Wai resolved to anchor themselves at the heart of it all: Dragon’s Heart. They acquired a quaint spot on Mott Street, flinging open their doors to welcome the city back to the treasures that Chinatown had to offer. This gesture breathed new life into the neighborhood, fostering a renewed sense of camaraderie and joy among its residents.

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Can You Advance Order Your Favorite Keki Modern Cake?

Keki Modern Cakes offers a convenient online ordering system via their website, granting you the flexibility to select your preferred pick-up location and time.

Understanding the fast-paced nature of life, especially in bustling New York City, the bakery empathizes with the challenge of finding time to wait. They are committed to ensuring that savoring the finest desserts in the city remains a pleasure, not a chore.

Since its inception in Chinatown, Keki has strategically expanded to provide easy pick-up options across various New York City locations. With multiple accessible spots, relishing your favorite freshly baked treats is now effortlessly integrated into your daily commute, whether heading home or to the office—ensuring there’s never a reason to resist a little indulgence.

It’s worth noting that Keki Modern Cakes does not offer shipping services for their products. This decision is rooted in their unwavering dedication to preserving the utmost freshness and quality of their cakes. Shipping, they believe, poses a risk to the flavor and appearance of their creations.

They’re unwilling to compromise on the excellence their customers have come to expect. While this may come as disappointing news for those outside the area, it’s an added incentive to plan a visit to the enchanting Chinatown and explore all that New York City has to offer.

Having captured your attention, you might be curious about which delectable offerings at Keki Modern come highly recommended. With a fusion of global inspirations and a firm foundation in New York tradition, this cake shop boasts an array of enticing options.

Below, we’ll highlight our personal favorites for you to consider.

In crafting their distinctive menu, Keki Modern aspired to put a unique spin on the iconic New York Cheesecake, giving rise to the creation known as “The Fancy.”

The Fancy is a delectable masterpiece that requires meticulous attention and spans a painstaking two-day preparation process. It boasts dual tiers of premium cheesecake enveloped by a layer of the house’s signature crème fraiche.

To elevate its allure, the Cookie N’ Cream Fancy is generously adorned with chocolate cookie crumbs, bestowing a luscious and indulgent textural contrast.

This exquisite dessert is priced at $40 and generously serves 3-4 discerning palates.

Green Tea Fancy

Green Tea Fancy, a distinctive variation of Keki Modern’s celebrated cheesecake specialty. This confection is skillfully infused with the delicate essence of green tea and carefully enveloped in a breathable canvas cloth to maintain its pristine freshness.

The infusion of green tea imparts a refreshing and ethereal flavor profile, offering a welcomed contrast to the typically dense nature of traditional cheesecakes. This exquisite creation has garnered a strong following among locals, and at a reasonable price of $40 for four servings, it stands as an accessible indulgence fit for any special occasion.


Indulge in a cake generously filled with Keki Modern’s irresistible crème fraiche. Their unique recipe incorporates grass-fed, low-sugar cream, expertly whipped to a delicate, airy texture, forming a delectable layer between two moist and decadent cake sheets.

For under $10, this cake effortlessly caters to up to four discerning palates—an unbeatable value for a dessert that reigns supreme in Chinatown. So delightful, in fact, that you might just be tempted to take one for the road.

Bouncy Cheesecake

Crafted with Amish cream cheese and organic, free-range eggs, this cheesecake embodies a commitment to using only the finest, freshest ingredients, resulting in a remarkably invigorating flavor profile.

Remarkably, the cake’s freshness is so palpable that it boasts a subtle bounce! Crowned with the renowned Keki logo crisply imprinted on its golden surface, there’s no mistaking the work of true artisans.

Indulge in the exceptional Bouncy Cheesecake from Keki Modern, priced at a remarkably affordable $13.75 for four generous servings.

Wow Tart

Delight in a single-serving dessert featuring a luscious, velvety filling nestled within a flawlessly flaky croissant shell.

The Wow Tart stands as a hallmark dessert at Keki Modern, and its affordability at less than $5 makes it an irresistible choice. Indulge in this exquisitely crafted confection, and you’re bound to discover a newfound favorite among its delectable layers.

Jiggly Castellina

Straight from Dunshui, Taiwan, this recipe brings you the exquisite Castella sponge cake, artfully infused with the aromatic notes of ginger and vanilla. The result is a multi-dimensional, tantalizing delight.

Dubbed the “Jiggly Castellina,” this cake lives up to its name by boasting a moist, dense texture that playfully dances on the plate before your very eyes.

Prepare for an unparalleled sponge cake experience—priced at $9.75 for four generous servings, it’s an investment in pure culinary bliss that promises to be worth every penny.

Milk Softserve

Blending velvety soft-serve ice cream with delectable cookie crumbles, this treat offers a delightful respite on a sweltering day, or frankly, any day at all.

At an affordable $5, this dessert generously caters to a party of four, making it an ideal indulgence to share with friends.

Regrettably, due to the delicate nature of soft serve, it isn’t available for takeout—a fact that speaks to its exquisite freshness. However, if you’re inclined to savor the moment in Keki’s charming dining space, this should undoubtedly be your initial temptation.

What makes Keki Modern Cakes stand out from other bakeries in New York City?

Keki Modern Cakes distinguishes itself with a unique blend of delectable desserts and a strong community presence rooted in Chinatown.

What are some of the most popular cakes or treats at Keki Modern Cakes?

Some of the crowd favorites at Keki include their signature cheesecakes, delicate Japanese-style cheesetarts, and innovative twists on classic pastries.

Is Keki Modern Cakes suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or preferences?

Yes, Keki offers a range of options to accommodate various dietary needs, including gluten-free and vegan alternatives.

Can I place an order for custom-designed cakes for special occasions?

Keki Modern Cakes provides a bespoke cake service for events such as weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Does Keki Modern Cakes offer delivery services within the New York City area?

Yes, they do offer delivery services within specific areas of New York City. It’s best to check with the bakery for details.

Does Keki Modern Cakes have any seasonal or limited-time offerings?

Yes, Keki occasionally introduces seasonal specialties and limited-edition treats, so it’s worth keeping an eye on their menu for special surprises.

Are there any special events or promotions that customers should be aware of?

Keki Modern Cakes often runs promotions or events, especially during holidays or special occasions. It’s recommended to follow their social media channels or check their website for updates.

Is there a way to provide feedback or get in touch with Keki Modern Cakes for inquiries?

Yes, you can reach out to Keki Modern Cakes through their website’s contact form, or connect with them via their official social media channels for any inquiries or feedback you may have.


Keki Modern Cakes has established itself as a culinary gem in the heart of the New York City metropolitan area. With a winning combination of mouthwatering desserts and a deep-seated connection to the vibrant Chinatown community, it has garnered a loyal following among both locals and tourists. The bakery’s commitment to accommodating various dietary needs further enhances its appeal, ensuring that everyone can indulge in their delectable creations.

For those seeking personalized confections for special occasions, Keki’s custom cake service is a testament to their dedication to making every celebration truly memorable. Additionally, their occasional introductions of seasonal and limited-time offerings add an exciting element to their already diverse menu.

With convenient delivery options and a finger on the pulse of special events and promotions, Keki Modern Cakes continues to delight and surprise its patrons. As a patron, your feedback and inquiries are valued, and the bakery encourages open communication through various channels.

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