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Updated: September 29, 2023


Krispy Kreme Cakes, where a symphony of cake-inspired donuts awaits your taste buds. This specialty haven is a paradise for connoisseurs of all things sweet, offering a meticulously crafted assortment of hand-made doughnuts in timeless chocolate, lusciously iced, temptingly glazed, and sumptuously filled varieties. But that’s just the beginning.

Venture further, and you’ll uncover an array of mouthwatering cake flavors, from the nostalgia-inducing essence of birthday cake to the irresistible allure of towering confections. Picture layers of doughnuts, each a burst of distinct flavor, artfully stacked to form a tiered cake masterpiece. And for those who fancy themselves as culinary artists, Krispy Kreme presents their coveted cake batter mix, ensuring that the magic can be recreated in the comfort of your own kitchen.

These doughnut cakes aren’t just delightful treats; they’re extraordinary birthday cake options, brimming with character and charm. With prices ranging from an accessible $35 to a more elaborate $189, there’s a cake to suit every celebration. While competitors like Shipley Doughnuts limit themselves to iced and glazed varieties, Krispy Kreme Cakes steps up the game with a diverse assortment of birthday doughnut cakes, ensuring your party is nothing short of spectacular.

Krispy Kreme Cake Prices

Krispy Kreme Donut Cakes
Standard Doughnut Cake$35
Birthday/Baby Shower Cake$35
Krispy Kreme Premium Cakes
Sports Cake$45
Holidays Cake$45
Spectacular Cake$189
Krispy Kreme Wedding Cakes
Wedding Cake$189

Krispy Kreme Cake Models

Elevate any special occasion or gathering with the exquisite, handcrafted cake batter doughnut cakes from Krispy Kreme Cakes. These delectable creations are an authentic testament to the artistry of doughnut making, perfect for sharing with your cherished guests and loved ones. Opt for the standard Krispy Kreme Cake, a delightful ensemble of three dozen meticulously handmade doughnuts, offering an array of eight tantalizing varieties to suit every palate.

What sets Krispy Kreme Cakes apart is the freedom to personalize your confectionery masterpiece. Choose from a spectrum of icing options, allowing you to dictate the type, hue, and intricate patterns, all tailored to your unique preferences. Explore an array of captivating sports and holiday-themed designs, empowering your guests to curate their own premium or truly spectacular doughnut cake.

For momentous occasions like weddings and other special events, Krispy Kreme unveils their pièce de résistance: the spectacular doughnut cake. This awe-inspiring creation boasts an impressive thirteen dozen freshly baked cake doughnuts, each brimming with a diverse array of flavors, ensuring an unforgettable culinary experience.

Krispy Kreme Baby Shower Cake

Our exclusive custom-themed baby shower doughnut cakes, a delightful and one-of-a-kind treat to celebrate your special occasion. Krispy Kreme offers a charming array of baby blue and pink specialty doughnut cakes, featuring a selection of three dozen original, glazed, sprinkled, or delectably filled cake batter doughnuts, elegantly presented and available for convenient pickup. Starting at just $35, these cakes promise to add a sweet touch to your celebration. Elevate your experience by personalizing the icing to your liking, and for an additional $12, indulge in an extra dozen of these delectable delights.

Krispy Kreme Birthday Cake Donut

Indulge in the most delectable Krispy Kreme cake, featuring a delightful array of unique doughnuts, perfect for celebrating your special day. Elevate your birthday festivities with our tiered, beautifully iced cake doughnuts, offering a selection of eight enticing flavors for you to mix and match, allowing you to create your own personalized doughnut masterpiece.

Opt for a charming tiara or a playful hat included in the standard birthday cake package, or explore our premium options which boast a variety of themed doughnuts, customizable with your choice of icing color, filling, all elegantly presented in a package adorned with decorative party ribbons.

Experience the crowd-favorite Krispy Kreme cake batter donut and an assortment of specialty doughnuts that are sure to delight. Starting at just $35, our birthday cakes cater to all preferences and sizes, with options available up to $189, ensuring a perfect fit for your celebration.

Krispy Kreme Graduation Cake

Add an element of surprise to your loved one’s special day with Krispy Kreme’s custom cake batter doughnuts, a delightful choice from their original and inventive selection of doughnut cakes. Not only are Krispy Kreme’s doughnut cakes delicious, but they also promise endless fun when shared with guests at a graduation party.

For those commemorating academic milestones, the premium sports-themed doughnut cakes offer a fitting tribute to graduation ceremonies and celebrations. Starting at $45, these cakes can be tailored to suit your preferences and budget. Consider enhancing your celebration by including an additional dozen in the pack, or opt for a custom-tiered cake to make your graduation event truly memorable.

Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake

While doughnut cakes may not be the most conventional choice for a wedding cake, they can bring an unexpected and delightful twist to even the most traditional wedding celebration. Krispy Kreme presents an exquisite multi-tiered doughnut cake, offering a plethora of customization options. Take your pick from a wide array of flavors, adjust the quantity of doughnuts, and indulge in custom icing choices to ensure each doughnut is a perfect match for your vision.

Among Krispy Kreme’s remarkable creations, the signature Spectacular multi-tiered cake stands out as an ideal centerpiece for your wedding day celebration. To secure one of these custom doughnut cakes for your special day, be sure to place your order in advance. It’s a delectable choice that’s bound to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

How to Order Krispy Kreme Cakes?

Krispy Kreme boasts an extensive network of 1004 registered locations across the United States. To procure a delectable doughnut cake, simply reach out to your nearest store via phone. Once your order is placed, you have the option to either collect your preordered specialty cake in person or have it delivered to your doorstep, with a nominal delivery fee of $25 applicable for addresses within a 10-mile radius.

Please note that all Krispy Kreme doughnut cake orders necessitate a 24-hour notice, with the exception of wedding cakes, which require a week’s advance notice to ensure their exquisite quality. For those planning a wedding, it is highly recommended to liaise with your local store manager for an extensive array of theme options, bespoke cake customization, and imaginative décor selections.

For those in the Houston area, consider visiting this Krispy Kreme location:
5603 Highway 6 N., Houston, TX 77084
Phone: 281-888-8241

What is Krispy Kreme Cakes known for?

Krispy Kreme Cakes is renowned for its unique and handcrafted doughnut cakes, available in a variety of classic and innovative flavors.

What are the different types of doughnut cakes offered?

Krispy Kreme Cakes offers a range of doughnut cakes, including classic chocolate, iced, glazed, filled, and specialty cake flavors like birthday cake.

Do they offer customizable cakes for special occasions?

Yes, Krispy Kreme Cakes provides the option to customize cakes for special occasions, allowing customers to choose flavors, fillings, and decorations.

What is the price range for Krispy Kreme cakes?

The prices for Krispy Kreme cakes typically start at $35 and can go up to $189, depending on the size, complexity, and customization of the cake.

Do they offer cake batter mix for home bakers?

Yes, Krispy Kreme Cakes provides a cake batter mix, allowing avid bakers to recreate the magic of their doughnut cakes at home.

What makes Krispy Kreme doughnut cakes unique compared to competitors?

Krispy Kreme Cakes stands out by offering a diverse range of birthday doughnut cakes, including pastry cream-filled, glazed classics, sour cream cake, and more, while some competitors may have a more limited selection.

Are there options for individual-sized doughnut treats?

Yes, Krispy Kreme Cakes offers glazed cake doughnut holes in various glaze and icing options, providing bite-sized delights for individual enjoyment.

Can I order Krispy Kreme cakes online for delivery or pickup?

It is advisable to check with your local Krispy Kreme Cakes store for their specific policies regarding online ordering, delivery, and pickup options. Some locations may offer these services.


Krispy Kreme Cakes invites you to embark on a delightful journey through a world of extraordinary doughnut creations. From classic chocolate to tantalizingly iced, each treat is meticulously handcrafted to perfection. The addition of specialty cake flavors, including the beloved birthday cake, elevates the experience to new heights.

For those with a penchant for baking, Krispy Kreme generously shares the secret behind their delectable creations with their cake batter mix, ensuring the magic can be woven in your own kitchen. Moreover, their commitment to customization means that every celebration can be adorned with a cake as unique as the occasion itself.

With prices ranging from accessible to indulgent, there is a Krispy Kreme cake for every budget and every celebration. This, combined with their diverse range of offerings, sets them apart from competitors, making Krispy Kreme Cakes the go-to destination for those seeking exceptional doughnut cakes.

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