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Updated: September 10, 2023


Lady M cakes are more than just desserts; they are exquisite, handcrafted creations, each possessing its own unique charm. From their signature layered crepe cakes to the lightest sponge cakes and indulgent French-style cheesecakes, Lady M Confections caters to the diverse dessert preferences of its clientele. Prices for these signature cakes start at $55, with larger sizes and special flavors available for up to $750. The options include classic crepe cakes in 6-9 inch rounds, half-sheet cakes, and grand two to three-tiered wedding cakes.

The menu further entices with an array of individual cakes, checker cakes, traditional sponge cakes, strawberry shortcakes, delicate mousse cakes, and delectable Galettes. With boutiques in key locations like New York, Boston, Chicago, and southern California, Lady M ensures accessibility for discerning dessert enthusiasts. For those outside these areas, Lady M Cakes extends their reach across the nation through convenient shipping options. By selecting their U.S. shipping service during online orders, you can relish in the delight of Lady M’s most delectable creations, delivered right to your doorstep.

Lady M Cake Menu Prices

Lady M Sheet Cakes
Chocolate Cake(Half Sheet)$260
Strawberry Shortcake Half sheet$235
Lady M Round Layered Cakes
Mille Crêpes Cake(6 to 9 inches)$50 to $85
Chocolate Cake/Checker Cake$85
Gateau Aux Marrons$85
Red Velvet$50
Miroir Caramel$85
Coffee Mousse Cake$85
Gateau Fromage$80
Lady M Cup Cakes
Petit Chocolat$4
Lady M Cheesecakes
Gateau Fromage$80
Gateau Nuage$75
Lady M Wedding Cakes
Signature (Vanilla) Mille Crepes$650
Green Tea, Coconut, Citron Mille Crepes Marron, Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Earl Grey Mille Crepes$700-$750

Lady M Cake Models

Lady M cakes embody a unique elegance, eschewing elaborate decorations for a refined, decadent simplicity. Crafted with precision, their signature crepe cake features ultra-thin, hand-made crepes, artfully layered and generously filled with freshly prepared mousse, crème, and pastry creams.

The selection of Lady M crepe cakes extends to an array of enticing flavors, including chocolate, green tea, Mille crepes, Earl Gray, strawberry, citron Mille, coconut, and passion fruit, each offering a distinct culinary experience. For those seeking cakes tailored to special occasions, Lady M presents two-tiered crepe creations, stunning checker cakes, and an assortment of mousse and cream confections.

Every Lady M checker cake is a masterpiece, adorned with their signature chocolate-infused glazes, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the experience. Even their mousse cakes, renowned for their delicate flavors and sumptuous creamy textures, stand as excellent choices for commemorating birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and other momentous occasions. And for those with dietary considerations, Lady M Boutique ensures inclusivity with a selection of delectable gluten-free options, including the indulgent flourless chocolate cake.

Lady M Wedding Cake

The Lady M Confections team understands the significance of wedding day cakes, and they excel in crafting exceptional creations for this special occasion. Their team of skilled pastry chefs takes pride in presenting the immensely popular three-tiered signature Mille Crepe cakes, offering a plethora of delightful flavor options. These include the classic vanilla pastry cream filling, along with innovative choices like green tea, coconut, citron, as well as the distinctive Marron, chocolate, Earl Grey Mille, and Passion Fruit crepe cakes.

These exquisite confections boast delicately thin, handcrafted crepes enveloping fresh pastry creams, elegantly dusted with powdered sugar, and crowned with decadent chocolate or vibrant powdered green tea. The result is a visual and gustatory delight that is bound to leave a lasting impression on your guests. What sets these cakes apart is not only their taste but also their opulent presentation; each one is meticulously stacked to create a stunning three-tiered masterpiece, making them the epitome of dream-worthy wedding cakes. The price range for these signature Lady M wedding cakes begins at $650, with variations in cost depending on the chosen flavor, ensuring there’s an option to suit every discerning palate.

Lady M Baby Shower Cake

Lady M’s specialty cakes are an ideal choice for celebrating baby showers, offering a wide array of flavors and options to suit every preference. Whether you prefer the round Mille or other crepe cakes or opt for the delightful sheet cakes available in flavors like chocolate and strawberry, Lady M ensures there’s a perfect confection for your special occasion.

For those seeking a smaller treat, Lady M Confections also presents an enticing selection of individual dessert bites. These include delectable bite-sized éclairs in both chocolate and green tea, miniature fruit tarts bursting with flavor, indulgent Mont Blanc creations, irresistible raspberry chocolate bars, and classic mini choux bites. These petite delights are perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your party and are sure to satisfy every dessert craving. Additionally, for larger gatherings and get-togethers, Lady M offers sumptuous chocolate cupcakes, providing a decadent treat that will be a hit with your guests. With Lady M, you can trust that every bite will be a moment of pure delight.

Lady M Birthday Cake

Elevate your birthday celebration with a slice of Lady M’s exquisite cakes, a gesture sure to delight both young and old alike. From the iconic Mille crepe to the indulgent cheesecake and irresistible chocolate variations, Lady M offers a range of delectable options perfect for any birthday gathering.

Among the most sought-after flavors are the delicate green tea crepe cake, the rich Gateau Fromage, and of course, their signature Mille crepe masterpiece. To further tailor your cake to your liking, customers have the freedom to select the size, filling, and flavor profile, ensuring a personalized touch to your celebration.

While each Lady M cake is a work of art, it’s worth noting that Confections unfortunately doesn’t provide personalized cake decorating options. However, for those seeking additional embellishments like cake toppers and intricate detailing, their dedicated customer service agents are always on hand to assist.

For 9-inch cakes, prices typically range from $85 to $90, offering an accessible yet luxurious option for your celebration. Alternatively, for those opting for the grandeur of Lady M’s sheet cakes, choices span from the decadent Gateau au Chocolat to the light and fruity strawberry shortcake, with prices ranging from $235 to $260, ensuring there’s an option to suit every birthday palate and preference.

Lady M Graduation Cake

For a graduation celebration, Lady M Confections offers a diverse array of options, from impressive two-tier cakes to a delightful assortment of single-serve dessert bites. Their signature crepe cakes, filled-to-perfection pastry cream chocolate cakes, and delectable cheesecakes make for splendid choices for this special occasion.

The price range for these cakes spans from $55 to $260, ensuring there’s an option to fit every budget and taste preference. Even for those seeking individual treats and dessert bites, Lady M provides an array of exquisite choices that are perfect for graduation parties. Options include custom-made galettes for a touch of elegance or indulgent petit cupcakes that will surely sweeten the celebration.

With Lady M Confections, you can be confident that your graduation party will be elevated with the addition of these delectable and visually stunning creations. Their dedication to craftsmanship and flavor ensures that every bite is a moment of pure delight, making your celebration truly memorable.

How to Order Lady M Cakes?

Ordering a delectable Lady M cake is a breeze. If you find yourself in any of the cities hosting a Lady M cake boutique, simply opt for a convenient store pickup. However, if you’re in New York, you’re in luck – Lady M extends the option of home delivery exclusively within the city.

Lady M boasts six boutiques in New York, including a flagship boutique, as well as stores in Chicago, Southern California, and Boston. Additionally, they operate two Pop-up boutiques in the D.C. Metro area and Greater Philadelphia, ensuring accessibility for a wider audience.

Should you find yourself outside these cities, fret not. Lady M Confections offers an exceptional U.S. shipping service. This allows you to place your order for any of their delightful cakes with just a two-day advance notice, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep via specialty mail. Their user-friendly online ordering system streamlines the process, enabling patrons to peruse their extensive cake collections and effortlessly select the U.S. shipping option for seamless online orders. With Lady M, indulging in their exquisite creations is just a few clicks away.

How are Lady M cakes different from regular cakes?

Lady M cakes are known for their elegance and unique handmade quality. They offer a range of specialty cakes, including signature crepe cakes and French-style cheesecakes, which set them apart from standard cakes.

What is the price range for Lady M cakes?

Prices for Lady M cakes start at $55 for their signature creations. The cost can go up to $750 depending on the size and flavor chosen.

What size options are available for Lady M cakes?

Lady M offers classic crepe cakes in round 6-9 inch sizes, as well as half-sheet cakes and two to three-tier wedding cake options.

What other cake options does Lady M offer besides their signature crepe cakes?

Lady M’s menu includes a variety of cakes, such as individual cakes, checker cakes, traditional sponge cakes, strawberry shortcakes, mousse cakes, and Galettes.

Where are Lady M boutiques located?

Lady M has boutiques in key cities including New York, Boston, Chicago, and southern California.

What are the options for receiving Lady M cakes if I’m not located near a boutique?

Lady M offers both store pickup and delivery services in cities where they have boutiques. Additionally, they provide a U.S. shipping option for customers across the nation.

How can I place an order for a Lady M cake?

Customers can place orders for Lady M cakes through their website, where they can choose from available flavors, sizes, and delivery options.


Lady M cakes stand as a testament to the artistry and dedication of their creators. With a commitment to elegance and uniqueness, each cake is a masterpiece in its own right. From the ethereal layered crepe cakes to the indulgent French-style cheesecakes, Lady M Confections caters to a diverse range of dessert preferences. The pricing structure, starting at $55 and varying based on size and flavor, reflects the dedication to offering options for every palate and occasion.

The array of cake options, from individual treats to grand wedding creations, showcases Lady M’s versatility and expertise. With boutiques in major cities and a convenient U.S. shipping option, these delectable creations are accessible to dessert enthusiasts nationwide.

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