Meijer Cakes Prices, Designs, and Ordering Process in 2023

Updated: August 28, 2023


Creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests at any gathering is a paramount consideration. The art of being a gracious and accommodating host revolves, in many ways, around the centerpiece of your event: the cake. This choice can hold even more significance when your guests present a diverse array of dietary preferences and requirements.

Navigating the realm of cake selection entails a series of thoughtful deliberations to ensure an all-encompassing experience. It’s wise to compile a comprehensive checklist, leaving no detail overlooked. In this pursuit of cake perfection, enlisting the expertise of Meijer cakes can prove instrumental in orchestrating a triumphant celebration.

Meijer stands as a beacon of affordability and convenience, poised to elevate your occasions into lasting memories. The cost of Meijer’s cakes is tailored to their dimensions, affording you flexibility according to your needs. When customizing your cake at Meijer, their adept bakery staff will provide an estimate based on your chosen design. Notably, Meijer Cakes sets itself apart by generously accommodating extras like fruit fillings, bestowing an indulgent touch sans supplementary charges. The result is a harmonious blend of taste, aesthetics, and practicality, all orchestrated effortlessly through Meijer’s offerings.

Meijer Cakes Prices

Classic and Seasonal CakesPer serving14 oz$4
34 oz$34
16 oz$4
Specialty CakesPer serving8″$7
30 oz$8
Custom CakesSheet Cakes1/8 sheet$8.98
1/4 sheet$8.98
1/2 sheet$34.98
Full Sheet$48.98

Meijer Cakes Design

In contemporary times, the prevailing trend across various occasions—be it weddings, birthdays, or graduation festivities—is the advent of personalized cakes. This evolution signifies a departure from conventional norms, ushering in a realm of unparalleled creativity and distinctive outcomes.

Customized Birthday Cakes

It’s an undeniable truth that children tend to be far more exuberant about birthdays than most adults. Nevertheless, there’s an enduring charm in the warmth of birthday wishes and expressions of gratitude that transcends age. In our diverse ways, we convey these sentiments – from lively parties and thoughtful gifts to delicate bouquets. Yet, regardless of the birthday celebration’s form, there’s one constant: the birthday cake reigns as the focal point of jubilation.

Meijer’s bespoke birthday cakes are meticulously crafted to convey a unique message, leaving an indelible mark on the recipient’s memory. Customized cakes serve as a testament to the thought and care invested in orchestrating every facet of their special day. After all, it’s no secret that most guests are genuinely intrigued by the cake’s aesthetics. For a treasure trove of birthday cake inspiration tailored to your unique celebration, a visit to Denish Cakes can offer invaluable ideas and tips that will make your day truly exceptional.

Customized Graduation Cakes

Whether you’re a recent graduate stepping into young adulthood or someone commemorating the accomplishments of a loved one, graduations stand as significant milestones that warrant heartfelt recognition. Among the array of ways to celebrate this pivotal day, graduation cake concepts emerge as a particularly appealing choice. It is during this juncture that we bid adieu to childhood and wholeheartedly embrace the journey into adulthood.

Irrespective of the specific type of graduation cake that aligns with your celebration, Meijer Cakes offers an assortment of personalized designs and sizes to cater to your needs.

For those pressed for time yet still desiring distinctive graduation cake designs, Meijer Cakes offers a solution. You can conveniently place an order by drawing inspiration from an array of sample ideas. These encompass a charming white and gold cake adorned with delicate bead accents, a cake cleverly shaped like a book to symbolize learning achievements, and a tiered masterpiece crowned with a graduation cap topper, among various others. These intricate designs are crafted using fondant—a pliable icing often used in cake decoration. If delving into the art of fondant intrigues you, tutorials are readily available to guide you through the process of creating your own edible masterpieces.

Customized Wedding Cakes

For years, cakes have held a central role in numerous ceremonies, and this tradition endures as a significant component of every wedding celebration. Crafting a cake design that embodies the essence of the couple and respectfully incorporates wedding cake traditions is a pivotal aspect of wedding planning.

Your envisioned cake will manifest exactly as you’ve envisioned it. Meijer cakes meticulously adhere to your precise specifications, allowing you to select preferred flavors, designs, and color palettes. The result is an exclusively tailored cake that encapsulates the essence of you and your beloved. Crafted with precision and care by seasoned bakers, Meijer cakes strive to offer a superlative experience to their customers, whether at their physical store or through online orders.

Customized wedding cakes stand as a sublime avenue for expressing not only your individuality but also the collective style of you and your partner. This creative freedom doesn’t just extend to appearance but also to taste, as an array of flavors can be harmoniously combined. It’s undeniable: custom cakes offer an exceptional prospect for enhancing your wedding experience. To embark on this journey of crafting the perfect cake, don’t hesitate to reach out to Meijer for your wedding cake needs.

How To Order

Among the array of cake stores in your vicinity, Meijer Cakes stands as a distinguished choice, offering unparalleled flavors and cakes of exceptional quality. Are you brimming with anticipation to indulge in their confectionery creations? If your excitement knows no bounds, don’t hesitate to share your enthusiasm in the comments below. Once you’ve savored their offerings, let us know about the taste sensation that unfolded.

For effortless ordering, simply click on the provided link to access their website. Their welcoming team is poised to provide you with seamless assistance throughout the process.

To expand your cake adventure, you might also consider exploring the delightful offerings from establishments such as Slappy Cakes, Sweet Chariot Cakes, Cakes by Karen, Hobnob Cakes, and Mr. Baker Cakes. These destinations promise an array of flavors and experiences to further enrich your cake journey.

What makes Meijer cakes a suitable choice for special occasions?

Meijer cakes are renowned for their affordability, convenience, and high-quality ingredients, making them a perfect fit for various celebrations.

How can Meijer cakes cater to different dietary needs and preferences?

Meijer cakes offer a wide range of options, including choices for different dietary restrictions, ensuring that every guest can indulge in a delectable treat.

What considerations should I keep in mind when ordering a cake from Meijer?

When ordering a Meijer cake, it’s essential to factor in the size, style, and any special additions you might want, such as fruit fillings or personalized decorations.

Can I get a custom-designed cake from Meijer?

Yes, Meijer offers custom-designed cakes to suit your event’s theme or preferences. Their bakery staff can assist you in creating a cake that aligns with your vision.

How does Meijer determine the pricing for their cakes?

The cost of Meijer cakes varies based on the cake’s size and design complexity. When you choose a custom cake, Meijer’s bakery staff will provide you with a price quote based on your specifications.

What role does Meijer play in making occasions more memorable?

Meijer’s cakes act as centerpieces that enhance the festive atmosphere of any occasion, contributing to lasting memories through their taste and aesthetic appeal.

How can I place an order for a Meijer cake?

Placing an order for a Meijer cake is straightforward. You can visit their bakery section in-store or use their online platform to explore options, discuss customizations, and finalize your order.


When it comes to hosting memorable celebrations, the choice of the perfect cake holds a special place in ensuring your guests feel truly accommodated. Meijer cakes emerge as a beacon of affordability, convenience, and customization, making them an ideal choice for a wide array of occasions.

In a world where dietary preferences vary, Meijer cakes rise to the occasion by offering diverse options that cater to different needs without compromising on taste or quality. The careful consideration of factors such as size, style, and optional additions like fruit fillings ensures that your cake becomes a delightful centerpiece tailored to your event.

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