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Updated: October 27, 2023


Mini Treats in Lahore is your go-to destination for a delectable range of cakes and pastries. Whether it’s an Anniversary celebration, a Baby shower, a Birthday bash, or a unique Customized creation, Mini Treats offers a delightful array of cakes and treats that are exceptionally soft and spongy, all at budget-friendly prices. Discover the various sizes and flavors along with their corresponding prices right here.

Mini Treats stands as a testament to the journey from a humble home kitchen to a thriving network of outlets, symbolizing their remarkable success in the baking industry. What sets them apart is their convenience-driven services including in-store pickup, home delivery, takeaway, and even same-day delivery.

Their repertoire of flavors and types spans from beloved classics like Red Velvet and Salted Caramel to the indulgent Simple Fudge Cakes and an array of cupcakes. Mini Treats offers something to cater to every palate, all at very reasonable rates.

The pricing at Mini Treats in Pakistan varies based on the cake’s type and size. Generally, simpler cakes are more budget-friendly compared to the customized and luxurious options. Simple cakes range from 1500 to 2000 per pound, with additional charges for special flavors. For instance, the premium Nutella flavor is priced at 3000 per pound.

The Mini Treats 1-pound and 2-pound cakes start at 1500 and 3000 respectively. However, for customized and special Mini Cakes, prices begin at 3000 and go up to 7000 for a 3.5-pound cake.

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Mini Treats Cake Price

For the most precise and up-to-date pricing information, please refer to the updated list provided below.

Mini Cakes Prices

Name(1 LBS) Price(2 LBS) Price
Maltesers CakeRs.1800Rs.3600
Ferrero Rocher CakeRs.2000Rs.3600
Salted CaramelRs.1700Rs.3200
Choco NutsRs.2000Rs.3600
Malt CakeRs.2000Rs.3000
Nutella CakeRs.2000Rs.3600
Red VelvetRs.2000Rs.3600
Devil’s ChocolateRs.1800Rs.3200

Classic Cakes Prices

Belgian Chocolate Fudge2 LBSRs.3000
Red Velvet With Cream Cheese2 LBSRs.3600
Chocolate Oreo2 LBSRs.3000
Rainbow Cake7 LBSRs.7500
Caramel Latte2 LBSRs.3000

Fondant Cakes Prices

Product(2 LBS) Price(3 LBS) Price(4 LBS) Price

All Occasion Cakes Prices

Product(2 LBS) Price(3 LBS) Price(4 LBS) Price

Cupcakes Prices

Death By ChocolateRs.250
Vanilla CaramelRs.250
Chocolate ChipRs.250
Chocolate CoffeeRs.250
Vanilla Chocolate ChipRs.250
Belgian Chocolate FudgeRs.250
What is the price range for Mini Treats cakes?

The price range for Mini Treats cakes varies depending on the type, size, and flavor of the cake. Simple cakes generally start at 1500 to 2000 per pound.

Do special flavors cost extra?

Yes, special flavors like Nutella may have an additional cost. For example, the Nutella flavor is priced at 3000 per pound.

What are the starting prices for 1-pound and 2-pound cakes?

The starting price for a 1-pound cake is 1500, while a 2-pound cake starts at 3000.

Are there customized cake options available?

Yes, Mini Treats offers customized and special cakes. Prices for these start at 3000 and can go up to 7000 for a 3.5-pound cake.

Can I choose from a variety of flavors?

Yes, Mini Treats offers a diverse collection of flavors including classics like Red Velvet and Salted Caramel, as well as different types of cupcakes.

What services does Mini Treats offer for cake delivery?

Mini Treats provides in-store pickup, home delivery, takeaway, and same-day delivery services for your convenience.

Are there any additional charges for delivery services?

Any additional charges for delivery services will depend on factors like distance and location. It’s advisable to check with Mini Treats directly for specific details.

Is there an option to pre-order cakes?

Yes, Mini Treats allows for pre-orders, ensuring that you can secure your preferred cake for your special occasion.


Mini Treats in Lahore stands as a beacon of delectable cakes and pastries, offering a wide array of options to suit various occasions and tastes. From the softest, spongiest cakes to an impressive range of flavors, Mini Treats caters to a diverse clientele.

Their success story, transitioning from a home-based venture to a network of outlets, is a testament to their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. The convenience-driven services, including in-store pickup, home delivery, takeaway, and same-day delivery, further enhance the overall experience.

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