ShopRite Cakes Prices, Models & How to Order

Updated: July 26, 2023


Welcome to ShopRite Supermarkets, your go-to destination for a delightful shopping experience. With an extensive array of products on offer, we take pride in providing our customers with only the best. One of our highlights lies in our bakery department, where you’ll discover a captivating assortment of pre-made cakes tailor-made for any occasion, be it birthdays, baby showers, graduations, or any other celebration close to your heart.

Stepping into our bakery, you’ll be greeted by an enticing display of cakes, each adorned with artistic finesse and creativity. Our cakes come in various sizes and styles, ensuring there’s something to suit every preference and gathering. The choices are boundless as you indulge in an assortment of flavors, fillings, and icings while customizing your cake, making each creation as unique as the special moment it honors.

At ShopRite, we believe in delivering quality without breaking the bank. Our cakes are reasonably priced, with the average cost around $30. The price range spans from $9 to $80, depending on the personal preferences and selections made by our esteemed customers. For an in-depth understanding of how size and decoration levels impact our cake prices, we invite you to delve deeper into our article.

ShopRite Bakery Cakes Prices

Cake TypePrice
Shoprite Sheet Cakes
⅛ Sheet Cake$19.99
¼ Sheet Cake$29.99
½ Sheet Cake$35.99
Full Sheet Cake$64.99
Half Sheet Cake With Fresh Fruit Filling$43.99
Full Sheet Cake With Fresh Fruit Filling$79.99
Shoprite Round Cakes
8 -inch Single Layered Round Cake$8.99
8-inch Double Layered Round Cake$13.99
10-inch Filled Round Cake$24.99
Shoprite Cupcakes
12 Cupcake Cake$10.99
24 Cupcake Cake$19.99
Shoprite Specialty Cakes
Shoprite Bakery Fresh Bakery Products
Muffins, Chocolate Chips, 6 pack$3.99
Red Velvet Cupcakes (10 oz)$.69
8-inch Pie (Apple/Cherry)$4.99

ShopRite Bakery Cakes Models

At ShopRite, our delightful cake offerings come in a variety of shapes and sizes to cater to all your celebratory needs. Whether you’re commemorating birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, or any special occasion, our cakes are fully customizable to add that perfect touch of sweetness to your event. With a wide selection of cake types, including round cakes, sheet cakes, cupcake pull-apart cakes, cheesecakes, and cookie cakes, we ensure there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Each ShopRite bakery showcases an extensive assortment of cakes, allowing you to explore numerous decoration styles that make your cake uniquely yours. Though the decoration styles may slightly vary from store to store, you can rest assured that every ShopRite location offers a diverse range of options to suit your preferences.

The flexibility of our cake options is unparalleled. You can opt for small round cakes, perfect for serving a group of 10, or go grand with our huge sheet cakes, ideal for large gatherings. When placing your cake order, our dedicated ShopRite staff will collaborate with you to discover a design style that perfectly complements your vision and preferences, ensuring your cake is a delicious and visually stunning centerpiece for your special occasion.

Shoprite Birthday Cakes

At ShopRite, the variety of cake flavors available ensures that finding the perfect cake for the birthday person is a breeze. With options like Yellow, Chocolate, Carrot, Red Velvet, or Marble flavors, paired with seven delectable fruit, chocolate, and custard filling choices, there’s something to delight every palate.

For those hosting big birthday parties, our half or full-sheet ShopRite birthday cakes are ideal, serving a large number of guests with scrumptious goodness. Meanwhile, smaller gatherings can be easily catered to with one of our delightful round cakes, just as satisfying in taste and design.

Speaking of designs, the possibilities are endless at ShopRite! Whether it’s pretty flowers, a personalized picture of the birthday boy/girl, or festive balloons and streamers, we can create cake masterpieces that add an extra touch of joy to your celebration. For the little ones, our children’s birthday cakes can feature beloved toys or classic cartoon characters on the front, bringing a smile to their faces. Additionally, our special shapes, such as princess skirt-shaped cakes, add a whimsical touch to any birthday bash.

If you prefer a convenient option for serving, our pull-apart cake is an excellent choice. It boasts a single design on top but can be effortlessly pulled apart into individual cupcakes, ensuring each guest gets a tasty treat with ease.

Shoprite Cake for Baby Shower

ShopRite’s bakery offers a delightful selection of cake options, perfect for celebrating baby showers in style. Both the round and sheet cakes are excellent choices, and they harmonize wonderfully with the popular pastel colors of icing that complement most baby shower decors seamlessly. At ShopRite, we take pride in tailoring our cakes to match the joyous occasion, and for baby showers, our skilled decorators can craft charming designs featuring adorable infant-themed elements like toy blocks, baby shoes, or rattles.

For an even more personalized touch, certain ShopRite stores allow you to provide a picture, which they can skillfully print on the cake using edible icing. Imagine having the baby’s ultrasound picture beautifully reproduced on the cake, creating a heartwarming centerpiece that celebrates the impending arrival.

To further enhance the cake’s charm, ShopRite offers an array of cute baby-themed cake toppers, adding an extra touch of sweetness to the overall decoration of any baby shower cake.

For those seeking a unique and nontraditional option, our cheesecakes come to the forefront. Their rich and creamy flavors can be a delightful departure from the classic cake, catering to parents who prefer something distinct and exceptionally tasty.

Shoprite Graduation Cake

For any graduation party, you can never go wrong with a classic sheet cake adorned in the graduate’s school colors. At ShopRite, it’s a safe and wonderful choice that adds a touch of pride to the celebration. Alongside this, the basic balloon decorations available at all ShopRite stores provide a festive atmosphere, creating a perfect setting to honor the graduate’s achievement.

In addition to the classic sheet cake, ShopRite offers an array of other designs to make the celebration even more special. Whether it’s celebratory messages, cute banners, or our graduation-themed toppers, you’ll find the perfect elements to elevate the cake’s charm and express heartfelt congratulations to the graduate.

For a truly personalized touch, consider opting for one of ShopRite’s photo cakes. This option allows you to display a picture of the graduate in their cap and gown, creating a heartwarming and memorable centerpiece for the event. The picture printing feature can also be utilized to decorate the cake with school colors, mascots, or flags, further enhancing the cake’s theme and reflecting the graduate’s journey.

Shoprite Wedding Cake

While ShopRite may not offer technically custom wedding cakes, they do present a wonderful opportunity to personalize their designs for a wedding celebration. For a more relaxed and informal wedding affair, ShopRite sheet cakes are an excellent choice, catering to a larger crowd with their generous size. These cakes can be transformed into wedding-appropriate delights by opting for white icing and elegant floral designs, exuding the charm of a traditional wedding cake.

Various decoration options abound to add a special touch to the cake. Consider inscribing a heartfelt congratulatory message to the bride and groom on the top, or infuse decorations that match the wedding theme colors, harmonizing the cake with the overall decor and ambiance of the ceremony.

To ensure you find the perfect cake for your special day, it’s advisable to place your order in person. ShopRite’s dedicated employees are there to guide you through their diverse selections, helping you discover a cake that aligns perfectly with your vision and preferences, making your wedding cake experience an enjoyable and stress-free one.

ShopRite Cakes Order Process

When ordering a cake from ShopRite, it’s essential to keep in mind their standard requirement of at least 24-hour notice for preparation. However, to ensure a seamless experience and availability, it’s advisable to plan ahead and call at least a week or two in advance to place your order. This way, you can be confident that your desired cake will be ready in time for your special occasion.

Convenience is at your fingertips when ordering a ShopRite cake. From the comfort of your own home, you can initiate the process by accessing the user-friendly Store Locator on the ShopRite website to find the closest store to you. Once you’ve located the store, head over to the Catering Department section, where you can select your desired cake. To place your order online, simply fill out the straightforward ShopRite online ordering form, ensuring all your preferences and customizations are accounted for.

If online ordering is not your preference, rest assured that orders can also be placed by visiting the store in person or by contacting the bakery directly. Every ShopRite store has a dedicated telephone number listed on its individual page, enabling you to get in touch for specific item questions or any other concerns you may have.

Should you require delivery service, you can inquire about the possibility with the store through the provided telephone number. At ShopRite, we strive to make the cake ordering process as convenient and enjoyable as possible, ensuring that every celebration is graced with a delectable and beautifully crafted cake.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the available cake models at ShopRite?

ShopRite offers a variety of cake models to suit different occasions and preferences. Some popular options include round cakes, sheet cakes, cupcake pull-apart cakes, cheesecakes, and cookie cakes. Each model can be customized with various flavors, fillings, and icings.

Can I customize my ShopRite cake?

Yes, customization is possible with ShopRite cakes. You can choose from a range of flavors, fillings, and icings to tailor the cake to your liking. Additionally, you can request specific decorations or even provide a picture to be printed on the cake using edible icing.

How much do ShopRite cakes cost?

ShopRite cake prices can vary based on the cake model, size, and customization options. On average, a ShopRite cake may cost around $30. Prices can range from $9 for smaller options to around $80 for larger and more elaborate cakes.

What cakes are suitable for larger parties?

For larger gatherings, ShopRite’s sheet cakes are a great option as they can serve a bigger crowd. These cakes are available in various sizes, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your event.

Can I order a cake online at ShopRite?

Yes, ShopRite offers online cake ordering for added convenience. You can use their user-friendly Store Locator to find the nearest store, navigate to the Catering Department section, and fill out the online ordering form with your preferences.

How much notice is required to order a ShopRite cake?

ShopRite typically requires at least 24-hour notice for cake orders. However, due to potential demand, it’s advisable to place your order well in advance, preferably a week or two before your event, to ensure availability.

Can I request cake delivery from ShopRite?

Delivery options may vary depending on the location and store policy. You can inquire about cake delivery services by contacting your local ShopRite store directly using the telephone number provided on their individual page.

How can I get more information about ShopRite cakes?

For specific inquiries or additional information about ShopRite cakes, you can visit your nearest ShopRite store, call the bakery department, or check their website for updates on cake models, pricing, and customization options.


ShopRite offers a delightful assortment of cakes suitable for various occasions. With a range of models, flavors, and customization options, customers can find the perfect cake to celebrate their special moments. Whether you’re looking for a cake for a birthday, baby shower, graduation, or even a wedding, ShopRite’s bakery has you covered.

Their cake models include round cakes, sheet cakes, cupcake pull-apart cakes, cheesecakes, and cookie cakes, each ready to be tailored to your liking with delicious flavors, fillings, and icings. While sheet cakes are ideal for larger parties, round cakes offer a more intimate option.

Customization is a key feature at ShopRite, allowing customers to request specific decorations, edible image prints, or even design their own cakes using the available cake toppers. The user-friendly Store Locator and online ordering system further enhance convenience, providing a hassle-free way to place cake orders from the comfort of your own home.

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