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Updated: September 8, 2023


For four decades, TCBY has reigned as the pioneer and foremost frozen yogurt brand, setting the gold standard in nutrition, flavor profiles, and product excellence. Its rich legacy encompasses dedicated service to communities across the nation, propelling the thriving growth of the frozen yogurt industry.

With a global footprint spanning over 250 franchise sites, TCBY offers a diverse array of yogurt options, prioritizing health-conscious choices with an abundance of low-fat, nonfat, and no-sugar-added variants. In a groundbreaking move in 2011, TCBY unveiled its groundbreaking “Super FroYo” category, unrivaled as the most nutrient-dense frozen yogurt product available.

Moreover, TCBY stands as the trailblazer in crafting Greek Frozen Yogurt, reinforcing its position at the vanguard of frozen dessert innovation. The brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and health-conscious offerings solidifies TCBY’s status as the unrivaled leader in the frozen yogurt realm.

TCBY Cakes Prices

Hand ScoopedPint$4.59
Hand ScoopedQuart$6.49
Deep Dish Pie (Single Pie)$20.99
Round Crunch CakeSmall$17.99
Round Layer CakeMedium$23.99
Round Crunch CakeMedium$23.99

TCBY Cakes Designs

TCBY’s cake offerings are a delightful symphony of layers. They begin with a foundation of cake, followed by a generous layer of TCBY’s classic frozen yogurt, and crowned with another layer of cake. The frozen yogurt flavors to choose from encompass the delectable quartet of Low Fat Chocolate, Golden Vanilla, Low Fat Strawberry, and White Chocolate Mousse. Complementing this selection are cake options in white, yellow, and chocolate varieties.

For those seeking an extra crunch in their cake experience, TCBY presents the Crunch Cake. This tantalizing creation features a layer of finely crushed chocolate cookies, followed by a layer of frozen yogurt, all topped with yet another layer of those irresistible crunched cookies. The Crunch Cake can be further personalized with an array of delectable toppings, including enticing choices like peanut butter swirl, fudge swirl, vibrant sprinkles, or luscious chocolate shavings. For the adventurous palate, TCBY offers distinctive flavors such as peanut butter fudge swirl and Oreo cookie crunch.

For added convenience, select locations offer pre-made cakes, ready for easy pickup during store hours. For those seeking even more variety, TCBY’s website provides a plethora of additional options to explore and enjoy.

TCBY Wedding Cake

While TCBY’s frozen yogurt-based cakes offer a unique and delicious option, they may not be the most suitable choice for a traditional wedding reception venue, as the frozen yogurt component can melt quickly. However, for couples seeking an unconventional twist, TCBY offers the option to customize either a TCBY Round Cake or Regular Cake to fit a wedding theme. These specially crafted cakes range in price from $17.99 to $32.99, and select locations even offer delivery services.

For those looking to add a touch of elegance to their celebration, the TCBY Tuxedo Mousse Cake presents an enticing option. This delectable creation features layers of chocolate cake, vanilla frozen yogurt, and chocolate cake once more, all enveloped in a sumptuous coat of white frosting. To make the occasion even more personal, couples can request a customized message for the bride or groom on the cake.

With TCBY, couples can infuse their special day with a unique and flavorful twist that is sure to leave a lasting impression on their guests.

TCBY Birthday Cake

At various TCBY locations, you can find the TCBY Regular Cake priced at $32.99. These versatile cakes can be customized with a special message, instantly transforming them into a delightful birthday cake. Topped with rich buttercream icing, they promise a delectable celebration. Additionally, certain TCBY outlets offer the convenience of a delivery service. For those with specific design requests, individual franchise locations may also accommodate requests for decorative birthday cakes.

Among the birthday cake options, the Vanilla Celebration Cake is a popular choice. Available in both small and medium rounds, it features layers of white cake and creamy vanilla frozen yogurt, topped with another layer of white cake. The crowning glory is a blanket of white frosting adorned with festive celebration confetti.

For a birthday treat with an extra touch of indulgence, consider the Vanilla Fudge Swirl Yogurt With Chocolate Cake. This cooling and delightful option promises to add a unique and refreshing twist to any birthday party.

With TCBY’s array of birthday cakes, you’re sure to find the perfect sweet treat to make your celebration a memorable one.

TCBY Baby Shower Cake

Although TCBY doesn’t offer pre-made frozen cakes tailored specifically for Baby Showers, they do accommodate custom requests. If you’re planning a Baby Shower, you can personalize a round layer cake to suit the theme. For example, for a girl’s Baby Shower, you can opt for a Round Layer Cake with a delightful layer of low-fat strawberry frozen yogurt, perfectly matching the pink theme. These cakes are adorned with a charming decoration of colorful sprinkles, adding a festive touch to the celebration.

Remember to check with your local TCBY to ensure that this customization option is available in your area. The TCBY Round Layer Cakes are priced at $23.99, offering an affordable and delightful option for your special occasion. Additionally, select locations offer the convenience of delivery services, making it even easier to add this sweet touch to your Baby Shower festivities.

TCBY Graduation Cake

To commemorate a graduation party, consider customizing a TCBY Regular Cake, available for $32.99 at many store locations. Be sure to get in touch with your nearest TCBY outlet to inquire about potential delivery options.

For a delectable graduation cake, you might want to explore the enticing options like the White Chocolate Mousse Yogurt With Chocolate Cake. This cake is offered in small or medium round sizes and boasts layers of chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse frozen yogurt, and another layer of chocolate cake. It’s finished off with delightful fudge and chocolate swirls, promising a truly indulgent treat.

If the graduate has a penchant for Oreo cookies, consider the Oreo Crunch Cake. It features vanilla frozen yogurt swirled with Oreo cookie crumbles, creating a delightful crunch. Additionally, Oreo cookie crumbles can be added as a topping on various TCBY frozen cakes and pies, offering an extra layer of flavor and texture.

With TCBY’s range of options, you’re bound to find the perfect cake to make your graduation celebration truly special.

What sets TCBY apart from other frozen yogurt brands?

TCBY is known for its commitment to nutrition, offering a wide range of low-fat, nonfat, and no-sugar-added yogurt options. They also introduced the innovative “Super FroYo” category in 2011, known for its exceptional nutritional value.

How many TCBY franchise locations are there globally?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, TCBY had over 250 franchise sites worldwide, although this number may have changed since then.

What is “Super FroYo”?

“Super FroYo” is a unique category of frozen yogurt introduced by TCBY in 2011. It is known for being the most nutrient-dense frozen yogurt product available.

Is TCBY’s frozen yogurt gluten-free?

TCBY offers gluten-free frozen yogurt options, but it’s essential to check with your local store for specific flavor availability and potential cross-contamination concerns.

Does TCBY offer dairy-free or vegan frozen yogurt?

TCBY may have dairy-free and vegan options, depending on the location. It’s best to inquire with your nearest store for their current offerings.

Are there any loyalty programs or rewards for TCBY customers?

TCBY may have loyalty programs or rewards at certain locations. Check with your local store or visit their official website for details on any available programs.

Can I find nutritional information for TCBY products online?

Yes, TCBY typically provides detailed nutritional information for their products on their official website, allowing customers to make informed choices based on dietary preferences and requirements. However, these details may have changed since my last knowledge update in September 2021, so it’s a good idea to verify the information on their website or with your local store.


TCBY stands as a trailblazer in the frozen yogurt industry, boasting a rich history of four decades of excellence. Its commitment to quality, nutrition, and innovative offerings has solidified its position as the foremost frozen yogurt brand in the United States and beyond. With a global presence of over 250 franchise sites, TCBY continues to serve communities with a diverse range of yogurt options, emphasizing health-conscious choices.

The introduction of the groundbreaking “Super FroYo” category in 2011 further exemplifies TCBY’s dedication to providing nutrient-dense options for its customers. Additionally, their pioneering efforts in crafting Greek Frozen Yogurt showcase a brand at the forefront of frozen dessert innovation.

As TCBY continues to evolve and adapt to changing consumer preferences, it remains a trusted choice for those seeking a delightful and health-conscious frozen yogurt experience. With a legacy built on quality, flavor, and nutritional integrity, TCBY is poised to lead the frozen yogurt industry well into the future.

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