Wegmans Cakes Prices in 2023

Updated: August 25, 2023


Wegmans has carved a reputation for itself as a purveyor of delectable grocery items that don’t break the bank, and their cake selection resonates seamlessly with this very notion. Nestled within the aisles of Wegmans stores, a delightful array of ready-made cakes awaits, with price points starting as astonishingly low as $9. However, the offerings don’t stop there—should you choose to plan ahead with a 24-hour notice, a realm of cake personalization unfurls before you. This bespoke service empowers you to handpick your preferred flavors, frostings, and decorations, turning your confectionery vision into reality.

Embracing these tailor-made Wegmans cakes opens a world of possibilities for commemorating birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and all those pivotal life moments. This article serves as your compass, guiding you through the diverse cake categories found at Wegmans and shedding light on the financial investment linked with each. The spectrum spans from classic elegance to whimsical charm, catering to various tastes and preferences.

From the pages that follow, you’ll glean insights into the spectrum of Wegmans cakes primed for birthdays, weddings, graduations, and baby showers alike, unlocking the door to joyful celebrations.

Wegmans Cakes Prices

Cake TypePrice
Wegmans Mini Cakes
Mini White Cake$9.00
Mini Chocolate Cake$9.00
Mini Carrot Cake$10.00
Wegmans Round Cakes
Wegmans 1 Layer 7-inch Round Cake (Serves 8)$12.00
Wegmans 2 Layer 7-inch Round Cake (Serves 12)$22.00
Wegmans Sheet Cakes
⅛ Sheet Cake (Serves 6)$10.99
¼ Sheet Cake (Serves 18)$21.00
½ Sheet Cake (Serves 36)$32.00
Full Sheet Cake (Serves 72)$54.00
Wegmans Cupcakes
Single Cupcake$1.50
4 Pack Cupcakes$5.00
12 Pack Cupcakes$13.00
12 Pack Mini Cupcakes$5.00
Wegmans Cookie Cakes
Wegmans ⅛ Sheet Cookie Cake (Serves 16)$10.50
Wegmans ¼ Sheet Cookie Cake (Serves 32)$16.00
Wegmans ½ Sheet Cookie Cake (Serves 64))$22.00
Wegmans Full Sheet Cookie Cake (Serves 120)$42.00

Wegmans Cakes Models

Wegmans presents a delightful assortment of cupcakes and mini cakes that stand ready for your indulgence, all thoughtfully crafted beforehand. Alternatively, should you wish to infuse a personal touch, the avenue to design your very own customized cake beckons, adorned with a medley of elements such as balloons, roses, and other timeless motifs. The sphere of choice extends further, as Wegmans extends the privilege of selecting between classic vanilla, rich chocolate, or marbled cake bases, coupled with either velvety buttercream or airy whipped cream frostings, all enveloping luscious fruity fillings.

Diving beyond the realm of convention, Wegmans offers an extra layer of creativity by incorporating their playful licensed characters into cake decorations. Among them, illustrious figures like Frozen, Thomas the Train, and Hello Kitty infuse a sense of joviality. Moreover, the canvas of cake becomes a palette for personalization as well. You have the option to provide a photograph of the honoree, and with their skillful mastery, Wegmans can reimagine it using photorealistic, edible frosting—an edible portrait to delight both the eyes and taste buds.

Wegmans Baby Shower Cakes

For a traditional touch to your baby shower festivities, Wegmans offers a range of cake choices that embody both sweetness and sentiment. One such option includes a Wegmans cake adorned with luscious vanilla buttercream, elegantly crowned with delicate pink or blue balloons and flowers. Alternatively, a charming twist awaits with cakes embellished by your baby’s ultrasound—an endearing choice that adds a unique personal touch.

If you’re in possession of the cherished sonogram image, Wegmans extends the opportunity to have it imprinted onto the cake. By collaborating with their skilled staff, your cake becomes a canvas for this precious memory. Alongside these, the array of character decorations, including favorites like Thomas the Train, seamlessly bridge into themed baby showers, sprinkling an extra layer of delight.

Wegmans caters to both variety and size preferences as well. Opting for half chocolate and half white cake in larger sheet cakes ensures a harmonious blend of flavors to suit diverse palates among your baby shower attendees.

Wegmans Wedding Cakes

While Wegmans may not feature conventional wedding cake designs per se, a splendid avenue for customization awaits. By transforming a full sheet cake into a canvas of celebration, smaller weddings can bask in delectable joy. For those embracing a departure from tradition, Wegmans’ cookie cakes offer a splendid alternative, capable of indulging an even larger guest count.

Picture this: a cake adorned with ethereal white buttercream frosting, adorned with resplendent roses echoing the hues of the wedding palette. Alternatively, capture the essence of the couple’s journey by gracing the cake with one of their cherished engagement photos—a truly personal touch.

Rapid timelines need not compromise quality or taste, for Wegmans steps up to craft an enticing and flavorful wedding cake in a mere day or two. This makes them an excellent choice for couples seeking a delectable solution in moments of urgency. So, whether you’re embracing tradition or dancing to your unique tune, Wegmans stands ready to weave delectable magic into your wedding day.

Wegmans Birthday Cakes

The heartbeat of their cake orders resonates with birthdays, making it the paramount category bedecked with a plethora of decorative choices. As you embark on this delightful journey, the first crossroad emerges: the decision between a classic cake flavor, an array of spirited assorted cupcakes, or the inviting allure of a chocolate chip cookie cake.

For the realm of children’s cakes, Wegmans’ bakery unveils an enchanting array of licensed characters, sparking the imaginations of the little ones. But that’s not all—the canvas of Wegmans’ birthday cakes stretches to encompass celebratory balloons or the allure of a graceful rose-themed design.

Within the domain of standard decorations, Wegmans places the artist’s brush in your hands, allowing the selection of up to two colors, a gateway to boundless customization. To heighten this experience, the addition of a cherished photograph of the birthday individual paints an even more personal narrative onto the cake’s canvas.

Wegmans Graduation Cakes

When a cherished individual in your life reaches the pinnacle of their educational journey, commemorating the occasion with a cake becomes a joyful tradition. Enter the realm of Wegmans’ cake catalog, where the balloon decoration option emerges as a splendid choice to honor this special milestone. Elevating the experience, one can opt for balloons in the school’s distinctive hues, coupled with the freedom to select cake frosting and filling that mirror the graduate’s favored flavors.

The canvas of celebration extends further when adorned with photographs of the graduate bedecked in cap and gown. This personal touch not only amplifies the cake’s decor but also opens the door to a myriad of possibilities. Transform the cake into a narrative, where snapshots of the school’s emblem or flag intertwine with the individual’s achievements. As the finishing flourish, a bespoke message of congratulations adds that final layer of sentiment to any Wegmans graduation cake.

In cases where Wegmans isn’t within immediate reach, a nearby Walmart Supermarket might hold the key to a solution. Their bakery section, stocked with an assortment of ready-made cakes, could likely offer options fitting for these celebratory moments of graduation.

Wegmans Bakery Products

Within their enticing cake menu lies not just an array of delectable celebration cakes, but also an assortment of delectable bakery offerings primed for your forthcoming gatherings. The creative canvas unfurls, allowing you to curate delightful platters brimming with treats such as the irresistible Wegmans chocolate chip mini cookies, the artisanal organic chocolate chip cookies, a medley of assorted cupcakes, and the delectable mini fudgy & chewy brownie bites.

The in-house crafted muffins have garnered accolades from an array of satisfied patrons, standing testament to their scrumptiousness. In the world of cupcakes, Wegmans doesn’t hold back, presenting a diverse spectrum of flavors. For those seeking indulgence by the dozen, 12-packs range from $13 to $16, delivering both flavor and value.

For aficionados of cheese, the Wegmans large ultimate plain cheesecake beckons with its creamy allure—a must-try for discerning palates. And for those with a penchant for pies, the tempting apple crostata stands as a tantalizing choice, ready to embark on a journey of flavors with each delightful bite.

How to Order?

Ordering cakes at Wegmans is a process that offers a range of convenience. To initiate this delightful journey, you have several avenues to explore. The most direct approach involves stepping into a Wegmans store and engaging with a helpful staff member who will guide you through the selection and ordering process. Alternatively, if a more distant interaction suits you, placing a call to the store—using the contact details available in the Wegmans directory—provides an equally effective means of securing your cake order.

Modern technology brings forth another option: the online route. On the Wegmans website, a dedicated cake order form stands ready to accommodate your preferences. This digital medium empowers you to customize your cake at your own pace and convenience.

Wegmans, in its commitment to ensuring your celebratory moments are flawlessly executed, has established a guideline of at least 24 hours advance notice for cake orders. Once your creation is meticulously crafted, a visit to the bakery section of the store marks the final step. During holiday seasons, where demand surges, Wegmans recommends the thoughtful foresight of placing orders two to three days ahead, safeguarding that your celebrations are met with timely and delectable delights.

How much do Wegmans ready-made cakes cost?

Wegmans offers a delightful range of ready-made cakes with prices starting as low as $9, making it an affordable option for those seeking sweet indulgence without straining their wallets.

What customization choices are available for Wegmans cakes?

With a 24-hour notice, you can personalize your Wegmans cake by selecting your preferred flavors, frostings, and decorations. This tailor-made service adds a touch of uniqueness to your celebration.

Are there cakes designed specifically for certain occasions?

Absolutely! Wegmans caters to various occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduations, and baby showers. Each event has a curated selection of cakes, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

How are Wegmans cake prices determined for personalized orders?

The price of a personalized cake depends on factors like size, complexity of design, and ingredients chosen. Wegmans’ bakery experts can guide you through the pricing based on your selections.

Can I get a custom-designed wedding cake at Wegmans?

Yes, Wegmans offers custom-designed wedding cakes to make your special day even more memorable. The cost varies depending on the intricacy of the design and the number of servings.

What is the range of prices for Wegmans wedding cakes?

Wegmans’ wedding cake prices vary widely based on factors such as size, tiers, design, and flavors. Expect the cost to reflect the level of artistry and craftsmanship required.

Are there any premium cake options available?

For those looking to elevate their cake experience, Wegmans might offer premium cake options that use high-quality ingredients and intricate designs, potentially at a higher price point.

How can I get an accurate quote for the Wegmans cake I want?

To get an accurate quote, visit your local Wegmans bakery department or check their official website for detailed information. Discuss your preferences with the bakery staff to receive a personalized estimate.

Final Word

While not extravagant in design, Wegmans cakes present an optimal budget-friendly choice for various celebrations. Their delectable flavors coupled with affordable pricing make it feasible to cater to a gathering without straining your finances. Have you embraced the Wegmans cake experience? Share your impressions with us in the comments below!

Life is punctuated by numerous occasions, each demanding its own celebration. And what better way to commemorate these moments than with a cake? Cakes have stood as a timeless, and often essential, centerpiece for such events. Our platform provides comprehensive lists featuring diverse cake brands, aiding you in making informed decisions about where and what to purchase. With highlighted prices, designs, and ordering procedures, we’re here to guide you. Don’t hesitate to explore our offerings today! Alternatively, if you’re specifically interested in Giant Eagle Cakes, we have you covered.

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