Whole Foods Cakes Prices, Models & How to Order

Updated: June 19, 2023


Whole Foods takes pride in creating cakes that not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also align with your health-conscious lifestyle. Their delectable creations are crafted using ingredients that allow you to indulge guilt-free. With a focus on quality and natural goodness, Whole Foods ensures that each cake is a delightful treat that won’t compromise your well-being.

The foundation of Whole Foods cakes lies in the use of premium ingredients. Their commitment to animal welfare is evident as they exclusively use cage-free eggs, ensuring that their cakes are not only delicious but also ethically sourced. Natural butter adds richness and flavor to the cakes, elevating them to new heights of tastiness. Furthermore, unbleached and bromated flour provides a wholesome base, making each bite a delightful experience.

Whole Foods understands the importance of avoiding artificial additives. Therefore, their cakes are free from artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors. You can enjoy the vibrant hues and delightful tastes of their cakes, knowing that they are derived from natural sources. By eliminating these artificial components, Whole Foods maintains their dedication to providing you with pure, genuine flavors.

When it comes to variety, Whole Foods has you covered. They offer an extensive range of cake options in both round and sheet cake formats. Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or not, Whole Foods caters to your preferences by offering vegan cake options. This inclusivity ensures that everyone can find a cake that suits their dietary needs and preferences.

A Bit About Whole Foods

In Austin, Texas, a group of visionary individuals recognized the need for transformation in the grocery industry. With this conviction, they opened the first Whole Foods store in 1980, starting with a modest staff of only nineteen members. From these humble beginnings, Whole Foods grew into a thriving chain of stores that continues to expand steadily.

Whole Foods has always placed a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional quality. They constantly strive to implement new measures that elevate the standards of their products, ensuring that their commitment to excellence remains unwavering. With a dedicated focus on offering shoppers natural foods and an extensive selection of top-quality products, Whole Foods has become a trusted brand in the industry.

Among the diverse range of high-quality offerings at Whole Foods, their gourmet cakes hold a special place. These cakes are crafted with care, using premium ingredients and expert techniques to create delectable and visually stunning creations. Whole Foods’ dedication to quality extends to their cakes, ensuring that each bite is a memorable experience.

Whole Foods Cake Designs

When exploring the cake menu at Whole Foods bakery, you’ll discover a wide array of wholesome options to choose from. These custom cakes are available in various sizes, including rounds of 6 or 8 inches, as well as sheet cakes in sizes of 1/4, 1/2, or full sheet, accommodating parties ranging from 8 to 64 guests.

It’s important to note that Whole Foods is unable to offer cakes with copyrighted images such as Star Wars or Mickey Mouse unless the person requesting the cake is the copyright owner. Therefore, character cakes cannot be ordered from Whole Foods.

Whole Foods values transparency and provides detailed information about the ingredients they use. You can find their ingredient lists on their official website. Additionally, if you have specific dietary requirements, it’s worth inquiring about the availability of gluten-free cakes at the Whole Foods bakery in your area.

Whole Foods Cakes Prices

Cake TypeSizeServingsPrice
Round6″8$26.99 – $28.99
Round8″10$32.99 – $38.99
Sheet1/4 (8″ x 12″)16$59.99 – $69.99
Sheet1/2 (16″ x 24″)32$89.99 – $99.99
SheetFull (32″ x 48″)64$152.99 – $169.99
Whole Foods Round Cakes
5-inch round$8
6-inch round$18
9-inch round$28
Whole Foods Sheet Cakes
Quarter sheet$39.99
With Fruit$49.99
Half sheet$69.99
With Fruit$79.99
Full sheet$119.99
With Fruit$139.99

Please note that Whole Foods’ cake prices may vary depending on your location. They offer a wide range of delectable flavors in the sizes mentioned below:

  1. Strawberry Shortcake
  2. Boston Cream
  3. Carrot Cake
  4. Chocolate Truffle
  5. Devil’s Food Chocolate
  6. Chocolate Mousse
  7. Flourless Chocolate
  8. Chocolate Dream
  9. Chocolate Torte
  10. Lemon Raspberry
  11. Lemon Coconut
  12. Black & White
  13. Chocolate Raspberry
  14. Strawberry and Cream
  15. Chocolate Buttercream
  16. Cannoli
  17. Cookies and Cream
  18. Peanut Butter Chocolate
  19. German Chocolate
  20. Mocha Buttercream
  21. Angel Food Cake

For those following a vegan lifestyle, Whole Foods offers the following flavors in vegan options: Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla, and Carrot.

These flavors encompass a wide variety of tastes and preferences, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether you crave the richness of chocolate, the tanginess of citrus, or the classic combination of strawberries and cream, Whole Foods has a flavor that will satisfy your dessert desires. Vegans can also indulge in the lusciousness of chocolate fudge, the simplicity of vanilla, or the moistness of carrot cake, all specially crafted without animal products.

Whole Foods Cake Models

Cake has become an integral part of celebrations, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, or any special gathering. It is a delightful treat that brings joy and serves as a symbol of appreciation, congratulations, and various other sentiments. From a simple sheet cake to an exquisite masterpiece adorned with meticulously crafted fondant flowers, cakes have the power to enhance any occasion.

To make the cake ordering process seamless, Whole Foods has partnered with Cakes.com, offering an extensive catalog featuring hundreds of cake options. While the cakes cannot be directly ordered through the website, Whole Foods provides a printable form for your convenience. Simply fill out the form with your desired cake details and take it to your local Whole Foods store. There, you can easily place your order, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The best part is that Whole Foods allows you to pick up your cake at your preferred time, providing flexibility to suit your schedule. However, it’s important to note that Whole Foods currently does not offer cake delivery services.

While the catalog offers a wide range of cake choices, Whole Foods also welcomes custom orders. If you have a specific design or flavor in mind that is not featured in the catalog, you can discuss your preferences with the skilled cake specialists at Whole Foods. They will work with you to create a personalized cake that perfectly matches your vision.

Whole Foods Baby Shower Cake

Celebrate the joyous occasion of a baby shower with a special cake from Whole Foods. These cakes are designed to make the upcoming arrival of your little one even more memorable. Whole Foods offers a range of cake sizes at affordable prices, ensuring that you can find the perfect cake for your celebration.

For a baby shower, you can choose from a double-layer quarter sheet cake priced at $40, a half sheet cake priced at $75, or a full sheet cake priced at $125. These cakes are not only beautiful but also budget-friendly, allowing you to enjoy a delightful centerpiece for your event without breaking the bank.

To add a touch of freshness and flavor, Whole Foods also offers the option to include fresh fruit on your cake. For an additional cost, you can enhance your quarter sheet cake to $50, your half sheet cake to $80, or your full sheet cake to $140. This option allows you to customize your cake and incorporate delicious, vibrant fruits into the design.

Whole Foods understands that every baby shower is unique, and they offer a variety of designs to suit different themes and preferences. From adorable baby blocks, booties, and Minnie Mouse to charming safari animals and playful rubber ducks, you can choose a design that perfectly captures the spirit of your celebration.

While Whole Foods Markets are available in select areas, if you need an immediate alternative or don’t have a Whole Foods nearby, consider visiting your nearest Red Ribbon Shop. Red Ribbon likely has a branch conveniently located near you and offers a selection of baby shower cakes that can be a perfect substitute for your celebration.

Whole Foods Birthday Cake

Whole Foods offers an extensive selection of over 400 cake options suitable for various age groups, ranging from babies and toddlers to kids, teens, and adults. When ordering a cake, it’s important to estimate the right amount to ensure everyone gets a slice, although not all guests may partake in cake consumption.

For an intimate dinner party with a small group of friends or family, a six-inch round cake is recommended, providing approximately six to eight servings at a cost of $18. If you have a slightly larger gathering, a nine-inch round cake would be more suitable, offering twelve to sixteen slices for $28. For larger events, a standard quarter sheet cake serves twenty guests and is priced at $40, while a half sheet cake accommodates forty people and costs $75. If you’re hosting a grand birthday celebration like a Sweet Sixteen, a full sheet cake is ideal, serving up to eighty guests at a price of $125.

Whole Foods also offers themed cakes to add an extra touch of excitement to your celebration. Some examples include beach-themed cakes, cakes featuring cars, trucks, and vehicles (such as hot rods and ATVs), wild animal-inspired designs (like animal prints), superhero and villain-themed cakes (featuring popular characters like The Avengers and Batman), sports-themed cakes, and milestone celebration cakes.

Whole Foods’ bakery welcomes special requests and is ready to cater to your specific preferences. The price of the cake includes customized writing, while adding images incurs an additional $5 charge. Your custom order will be priced accordingly, based on the specific design elements and requirements.

Enjoy the convenience of Whole Foods’ bakery and the option to create a personalized and themed cake that suits your occasion and preferences, making your celebration even more memorable.

Whole Foods Wedding Cake

Whole Foods does not offer tiered wedding cakes that require assembly at the reception venue due to their policy of not providing delivery services. While the average cost of a wedding can be substantial, some couples choose to save money on their cake by opting for a smaller round cake for ceremonial cutting purposes and having a separate sheet cake in the kitchen to serve to guests.

When it comes to designs, Whole Foods offers a variety of options. You can choose from elegant scroll designs or opt for a personalized touch with PhotoCakes that can feature any message or image of your choice. Additionally, Whole Foods also provides customized bridal cakes for bridal shower parties, ensuring that every special occasion surrounding your wedding is celebrated with a delicious and beautifully designed cake.

While Whole Foods may not offer tiered wedding cakes or delivery services, their focus on quality ingredients and affordability makes them a popular choice for couples looking to make budget-conscious decisions without compromising on taste and presentation. By working within these parameters, couples can still enjoy a delightful cake experience while keeping costs under control

Whole Foods Graduation Cake

When it’s time to celebrate the achievement of your high school or college graduate, Whole Foods bakery is ready to offer a range of options. For a large gathering, a full sheet cake with fresh fruit is a fantastic choice, providing ample servings for up to eighty people. It’s a delightful addition to a summer afternoon celebration. Whole Foods specializes in creating graduation-themed cakes, featuring decorative graduation caps and various patterns such as animal print and camouflage.

To make the cake even more personalized, Whole Foods offers the option to customize it with an image of your graduation for an additional $5. They also have themed graduation cakes like the “Key to Success,” which showcases a monogrammed key and a stunning silver plaque bearing the message ‘You are the future.’ Prices for sheet cakes at Whole Foods range from $40 to $125, ensuring there are options available to suit different budgets.

However, if you are unable to find a Whole Foods store near your location, a convenient alternative would be to visit a nearby Walmart Supermarket. They typically have a bakery section that offers a variety of ready-made cakes, which could be a suitable option for graduation celebrations.

Whether you choose Whole Foods for their customized graduation cakes or explore the bakery section of a nearby Walmart Supermarket, you’ll be able to find a delicious cake to honor your graduate’s accomplishments. Celebrate this milestone with a sweet treat that adds an extra touch of joy to the special occasion.

Whole Foods Holiday and Special Occasion Cakes

Planning for holiday parties and special occasions can often be overwhelming, but Whole Foods cakes are here to make it easier. With a wide selection of ready-made cakes available in their bakery, you can conveniently pick up a delicious cake at a great price. Even if you find yourself in a last-minute situation, Whole Foods has you covered.

The bakery staff at Whole Foods is ready to assist you by writing a personalized message on a ready-made cake using icing. This allows you to add a special touch to your cake without any hassle. The variety of ready-made cakes at Whole Foods includes an extensive range of holiday cakes, all offered at affordable prices. These cakes provide a gourmet-quality experience without breaking the bank, making them perfect for those seeking a delectable treat at a reasonable cost.

In case of emergencies or unexpected events, Whole Foods even offers the option to order cakes on the same day. This flexibility ensures that you can still have a delightful cake for your gathering, even with limited time for preparation.

Furthermore, Whole Foods recognizes the dietary preferences of their customers and offers options for those following a vegan diet. You can order specially made vegan chocolate or vanilla cakes, which are crafted with vegan filling and vegan icing. These cakes cater to the needs of your vegan guests, allowing everyone to indulge in the celebration.

Whole Foods Bakery Prices

You can explore their offerings on their dedicated bakery page to discover more about the variety of treats available. However, please note that specific pricing information is not provided online due to variations based on location and stock availability at individual Whole Foods stores. To find out more about the prices and options for sweet treats like savory loaves, artisan bread, muffins, pies, cookies, and more, it is recommended to visit your local Whole Foods store.

It is also worth mentioning that Whole Foods Market owns a bakery called Bread & Circus. On their website, you can find a dedicated Bread & Circus cake menu, showcasing the special occasion cakes they have available along with customization options. This provides another avenue to explore and potentially find a cake that suits your preferences and needs.

For a comprehensive understanding of the full range of baked goods offered by Whole Foods and Bread & Circus, visiting your local store or exploring their online resources will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information. Enjoy the delightful assortment of treats available from Whole Foods’ bakery and Bread & Circus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Whole Foods cakes cost?

The price of Whole Foods cakes varies depending on the size and design. Prices range from $8 for a small round cake to $140 for a large sheet cake. Customization options and additional features may incur extra charges.

What cake models are available at Whole Foods?

Whole Foods offers a wide range of cake models for various occasions. Some popular options include round cakes, sheet cakes, and tiered cakes. They also provide vegan cake options for those with dietary preferences.

Can I order a custom cake from Whole Foods?

Yes, Whole Foods accepts custom cake orders. While they offer a catalog of pre-designed cakes for different age groups and occasions, they also welcome personalized requests. You can discuss your specific requirements with the bakery staff to create a unique cake design.

How can I order a Whole Foods cake?

To order a Whole Foods cake, you can visit your nearest Whole Foods store and speak with their bakery department. They will assist you in choosing the cake size, design, and any additional customization options. Orders are typically placed in-store, and you may need to fill out a form with your preferences.

Does Whole Foods offer delivery for cakes?

Whole Foods does not offer delivery services for cakes. You will need to pick up your cake from the store at the agreed-upon date and time. However, it’s always recommended to check with your local Whole Foods store for specific details and any temporary changes to their services.

Can I request a cake with copyrighted images at Whole Foods?

Whole Foods cannot create cakes with copyrighted images, such as licensed characters, unless you are the copyright owner. This policy is in place to respect intellectual property rights.

Does Whole Foods offer gluten-free cake options?

Whole Foods bakeries may offer gluten-free cake options, but availability can vary by location. It is advisable to contact your local Whole Foods store or check their website to inquire about specific dietary options and restrictions.


Whole Foods offers a wide variety of cakes made with health-conscious ingredients and a commitment to quality. Their cakes are free from artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors, and are made with cage-free eggs, natural butter, and unbleached and bromated flour. Whether you’re planning a gathering or a special occasion, Whole Foods has options to suit your needs.

Their cake prices may vary by area, but they offer affordable options ranging from $8 to $140. You can choose from round and sheet cakes, including vegan options, with sizes ranging from 6 to 8 inches for rounds and 1/4, 1/2, or full sheet sizes for sheets. The pricing depends on the size and design of the cake you choose.

To order a cake from Whole Foods, you can visit their in-store bakery. They provide a catalog of designs for cakes suitable for all age groups, from toddlers to adults. While they do not offer online ordering, they make it convenient for customers by offering a printed form that you can fill out and take to your local Whole Foods store for hassle-free order placement. It’s a simple and straightforward process that allows you to customize your cake according to your preferences.

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